Photo from Girls' 2010 Water Polo Season
Members : Lindsay Ackerman, Jenn Barrett, Emily Brower, Taylor Connolly, Emily Dunigan, Brooke Else, Kelly Fellmeth, Molly Flannery,
Gabby Friday, Jenn Halcovage, Becca Hoch, Alex Kajari, Julie Krout, MaryKate Meingossner, Mary Morris, Katharine Munning,
Lindsay Musoleno, Tess O'Neill, Brittney Patterson, Katie Patterson, Kat Perkins, Meghan Quinn, Claire Thompson, Aspen Trautz,
Karlie Vogt

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2010 PA Eastern Conference Champions
2010 PA Eastern Conference Champions

Taken Saturday, October 23, 2010 by Jack Else; Uploaded 10/24/2010; ©North Penn Swim Team Parents Association 2010