Girls' Meet on 2/20/2010
Suburban One League Swimming Champs
at CB South
Members : Jenn Barrett, Kristi Baur, Becca Burnley, Taylor Connolly, Jayme Craig, Christina Dachowski, Samantha Deana, Erica Elias,
Brooke Else, Victoria Fenton, Gabby Friday, Sarah Hannings, Shauna Hannings, Sarah Harvey, Becca Hoch, Jan Ikeda,
Anna Janoff, Ashley Liss, Mary Morris, Amanda Most, Lindsay Musoleno, Casey O'Neill, Heather Paolone, Brittney Patterson,
Katie Patterson, Meghan Quinn, Kelly Rogers, Valerie Stearns, Colleen Stiles, Alyssa Tate, Claire Thompson, Aspen Trautz,
Karlie Vogt

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2010 Suburban 1 Continental League Champs
2010 Suburban 1 Continental League Champs

Taken Sunday, February 21, 2010 by Jack Else; Uploaded 2/21/2010; ©North Penn Swim Team Parents Association 2010