Photo from Girls' 2007 Water Polo Season
Members : Caroline Anders, Kristi Baur, Lauryn Brady, Tory Brady, Caley Britton, Taylor Connolly, Jayme Craig, Samantha Deana,
Nicole DiBonaventura, Heather Fellmeth, Lauren French, Becca Hannings, Sarah Hannings, Shauna Hannings, Laura Hennessey, Elisabeth Highley,
Melissa Huffman, Meghan McNally, Erin Meingossner, MaryKate Meingossner, Mary Morris, Kerstie Musoleno, Lindsay Musoleno, Alison Myzal,
Casey O'Neill, Jessica Palumbo, Katie Patterson, Shelby Rinker, Molly Robinson, Angela Roderiguez, Lindsey Rogers, Autumn Shenton,
Georgia Simcox, Colleen Stearns, Colleen Stiles, Claire Thompson

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The 2007 Maidens Water Polo Team
The 2007 Maidens Water Polo Team

Taken Friday, October 05, 2007 by Allison Baur; Uploaded 10/5/2007; ©North Penn Swim Team Parents Association 2007