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Member Name Graduation
Gender Swimmer /
Seasons Captain Seasons Captain WP Caps
Anton, Jamison2008M 4 yrs1A;2;2;3
Barnes, Mike2007MSwimmerFr-Jr Fr 99;4
Bauer, Matt2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 21
Bauer, Sean2009M So-Jr ;23;15
Baur, Lauren2007FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr Jr-Sr 14
Baur, Whitney2005FSwimmerSr  
Bohner, Emily2002FDiver4 yrs  
Brady, Danielle2005F So 22
Brady, Lauryn2009F Fr-So-Jr 3
Britton, Caley2009F 4 yrs2
Britton, Kelsey2006MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs5;5;2;2
Butt, Griffin2006MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 99
Caringi, Jess2002FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Carr, Christine2001FSwimmerFr-Sr  
Carty, Erica2000FDiverFr-So-Jr  
Chapman, Alex2008MSwimmerFr  
Chapman, Melanie2009F  6
Chesmar, Lauren2006FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs20;20;21;19
Chiang, Jeff2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Clayton, Joanna2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Clemens, Mark2003MSwimmerFr  
Coughlin, Kate2008F Fr 24
Coupe, Ryan2008MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 18;16
Cunnane, Erin2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 10
D'Amora, Allison2003FDiver4 yrs  
Davler, Lindsey2002FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Detweiler, Brenden2004MDiver4 yrs  
Detweiler, Jackie2003FDiver4 yrs  
Detwiler, Greg2001MDiver4 yrs 
Detwiler, Katie2007FDiver4 yrs  
DiBonaventura, Nicole2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 24;16
Diliberto, David2003MSwimmer4 yrs  
DiLuigi, Erica2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
DiLuigi, John2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs9
Dingman, Dan2008MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs15
Dingman, Kim2002FSwimmer4 yrsFr  
Dischell, Jackie2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Doblmaier, Michael2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 22;8
Dorn, Lauren2001FDiver4 yrs  
English, Julie2007FSwimmerJr  
Erickson, Beth2009FSwimmerSo  
Evans, Sheena2006FSwimmerFr Fr-So-Jr 1B;12;Mgr
Faber, Russ2006MSwimmerFr-So  
Faikish, Jon2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Falco, Kristi2006F So-Jr-Sr17
Fanslau, Brendan2006MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs6
Fanslau, Justin2001MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 
Fanslau, Nick2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs6
Farrell, Devon2004MSwimmerFr-So  
Farrell, Mike2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Fellmeth, Heather2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs9
Fleming, Steve2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Ford, Geoff2006M Sr 1
Fredrickson, Sarah2008FSwimmerSo  
French, Lauren2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs11
Gaibiselis, Andrew2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Gallagher, John2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs1
Gallagher, Sean2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs1
Gallo, Sophia2006FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Gengler, Ryan2004MDiver4 yrs  
Geverd, Cheyne2007MSwimmerSo  
Gibson, Matt2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Gibson, Todd2003MBoth4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Gillotti, Heather2007FDiverFr  
Gimenez, Nico2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs17
Good, Colleen2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Good, Julie2000FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Grant, Rebecca2000FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Graziano, Lisa2004FDiver4 yrs  
Grieco, Steven2003MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 7
Grubb, Jason2000MSwimmerFr 4 yrs 1
Hannings, Alex2005FSwimmerSo So 21
Hannings, Becca2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs15
Harkins, Kristin2008FDiverSo-Jr  
Hatfield, Brendan2009MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs23;19;5
Hayes, Carter2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Hayes, Morgan2002FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs  
Hendricks, Mike2002MDiver4 yrs  
Hendricks, Valerie2001FDiver4 yrs  
Hennessey, Laura2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Hibbert, John2007MSwimmerFr  
Highley, Elisabeth2009FSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 2;11;11;11
Hill, Caleb2009MDiverSr  
Himes, Matt2005MSwimmerFr  
Hittinger, Melanie2006FDiverFr-So-Jr  
Hoch, Stephan2009MSwimmer4 yrs Fr-Jr 6;;17
Hoffman, Jessica2009FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Hollenbach, Ryan2000MDiver4 yrs  
Houchins, Chris2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Howard, Rebecca2001FDiver4 yrs  
Ianni, Chris2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs14;16;10
Iveson, Amanda2004FDiver4 yrs  
Jackie, Detweiler2003FDiver4 yrs  
Janoff, Sarah2003FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 12
Jaycox, Andrew2006M 4 yrs 15;15;10;10
Jernigan, Ashley Brooke2000FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 15
Jernigan, Brittany2001FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 10
Jernigan, Devon2006FSwimmer4 yrs Fr-So-Jr 10
Johns, Eric2005MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So-Jr 18
Justin, Yi2007MSwimmer  
Katch, Amanda2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Katch, Jenni2005FDiver4 yrs  
Keisling, Michael2007MSwimmerFr-Jr-Sr Fr-Jr-Sr 14;3
Kengle, Kayla2007FDiverFr-Jr  
Keough, Samantha2007FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 15
Kerr, Brian2008MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 7;18
Kerr, Michael2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 10
Ketterer, Kara2000FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr So-Jr-Sr  
Ketterer, Kevin2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Ketterer, Kory2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 18;22;19;4
Kline, A2000F 4 yrs 1A;1
Kline, Michelle2002FSwimmer4 yrs 
Klinger, Kate2007FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs22;6
Klinger, Kevin2004MSwimmerSr Sr Mgr
Knoll, Andrew2006MSwimmer4 yrs Jr-Sr 7;8
Kobe, Brian2006MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 99
Kompas, Martin2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Kozak, Magda2004FSwimmerSo-Jr  
Kratz, Brett2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs3
Kratz, Joshua2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs19
Kratz, Justin2001MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 
Kriebel, Alex2007FSwimmerFr-So So-Jr 10
Kushner, Kyle2005MBoth4 yrs 4 yrs 17;17;17;18
Leahy, Kim2001FDiverSo-Jr-Sr  
Lewis, Kirkland2008FSwimmerSo-Jr  
Lewis, Kirstin2003FSwimmer4 yrs  
Lipsi, Emily2004FSwimmerFr  
Lodge, Brennan2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs8
Lodge, Kevin2006MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6;16;5;5
Long, Brandon2003MSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Love, James2004MDiverFr-So  
Ludwig, Cara2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Lynch, Jennifer2007FSwimmerFr Fr-So 9
Lynch, Matt2005MSwimmerFr-So-Jr Fr-So-Jr 22
MacMullen, Laura2002FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So  
Malagari, Steve2002MSwimmer4 yrs  
Manger, Ashley2005F Fr 7
Manger, Kyle2008MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 13
Marczuk, Stefanie2004FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr Fr-So-Jr 17
Mayer, Caitlyn2007FSwimmerSo  
McCoach, Rachel2003FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 13
McCoach, Sarah2005FSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 20;11
McDonald, Megan2007FDiver4 yrs Fr 99
McGee, Chuck2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
McKeever, Dan2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A
McKeever, Tim2006MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs4
McKelvie, Taylor2008FSwimmer4 yrs  
McKenna, Megan2007FSwimmerSo-Sr  
McLaughlin, Laurie2008FDiverSo-Jr-Sr  
McNally, Meghan2008FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 12
McNeill, Ashley2001FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A;1A;1A;1
Meingossner, Erin2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Meingossner, Sara2007FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Meyerson, Derek2000M 4 yrs 13
Meyerson, Jodie2004FSwimmerSo-Jr 4 yrs 23;23;23; MG
Michelson, Patricia2009FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Miller, Steve2001MSwimmer4 yrs  
Mogee, Colleen2005FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs19
Morelli, Jen2001FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs6
Morris, Jillian2007FSwimmer4 yrs  
Mouthaan, Stephanie2007FSwimmerFr-So-Sr Fr-So 21;Mgr
Moyer, Lindsay2007FSwimmerFr-So So 23
Musoleno, Kerstie2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 23;9;9;4
Myers, Carlee2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Myers, Chelsea2007F Fr-Jr-Sr 16
Myers, Joshua2005MDiver4 yrs  
Myers, Kristin2002FSwimmer4 yrs  
Myzal, Alison2009FSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 17
Naudasher, Becky2000FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Nees, Zac2009MBoth4 yrs  
Nelson, Cali2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 3
O'Brien, Collen2002FSwimmerFr-So  
Oglevee, Brad2004MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 12
O'Malley, Ashley2006FSwimmerFr-So-Jr Fr-So 24
Ortlieb, Nick2009MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs24;14;1;9
Palumbo, Drew2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs8
Palumbo, Jessica2008FSwimmerFr-So-Sr 4 yrs 8
Parrott, Adam2004MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr Jr-Sr 7
Peterman, Gina2002FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs  
Petro, Jamie2002FDiverFr-So-Jr  
Phillabaum, Curtis2005MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 16
Picardi, Braden2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 21;21;21;4
Plewinski, Amy2007FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs13
Plewinski, Katie2001FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs7
Prousi, George2006M Sr 11
Rader, Allison2004FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6
Rappaport, Eric2007MSwimmerFr Fr-So 99;17
Recco, Angela2007FSwimmerFr Fr-So-Jr 2
Reddy, Melanie2008FSwimmerFr  
Reiner, Joel2002MSwimmer4 yrs  
Reitz, Jenna2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A;1A;1;9
Rembolt, Kelly2001FSwimmerFr-So  
Renda, Lisa2007FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Reynolds, Adam2005MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr So-Jr-Sr 23;23;23;13
Rinker, Shelby2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs20;10
Robinson, Molly2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs4
Roderiguez, Angela2009F 4 yrs 8
Rogers, Lindsey2009FSwimmerFr-So So-Jr 12
Rose, Shannon2004FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Roth, Kerri2004FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 1B;1A;1A;5
Sagaram, Aparna2007FSwimmerFr-So  
Sagaram, Depka2006FSwimmerFr Fr  
Saks, Mike2006MSwimmerFr Fr-So-Jr 99;99;11
Salomone, Chris2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Schaffer, Ashley2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 21
Schillow, Rick2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Schmidley, Pete2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6;23;6;7
Schneider, David2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 12
Schneider, Sarah2005FSwimmerFr-So-Sr 4 yrs8
Schoendorfer, Dan2008MDiverFr-So  
Schriver, Maureen2001FSwimmer4 yrs 
Shannon, Alara2004FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So  
Shenton, Autumn2008FSwimmerFr-Jr 4 yrs 22;1A
Silfies, Samantha2007FSwimmerFr-So  
Simcox, Chris2005MSwimmerFr-So-Sr So-Jr-Sr 1B;1B;1B;1A
Simcox, Georgia2009FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs18
Simpsom, Pam2003FDiver4 yrs  
Sisko, Megan2007FSwimmer4 yrsFr-Sr 24;10
Sisson, Gretchen2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4
Sisson, Meredith2005FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 14
Slomiany, Matt2006MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr So-Jr-Sr 20;20;23;7
Smallwood, Jeff2008MSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 23;20;5
Smith, Lauren2002FDiverFr-So  
Sommar, Brittany2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15
Stiles, Emily2007FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs1A;1A;1
Szabo, C2003F Fr-So  
Szabo, Dominick2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Szabo, V2002F So-Jr-Sr  
Tate, Julia2009FDiverSo-Jr-Sr  
Taylor, Alex2005FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 18
Taylor, Jacob2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A
Thompson, Kyle2005MSwimmerFr-So-Jr Fr-So-Jr 15;2
Thompson, Patrick2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs6
Toropin, Lera2009FSwimmer4 yrs  4
Vose, Diana2009FDiver4 yrs  
Ward, Brandon2008MSwimmerSo-Jr-SrSo-Jr-Sr 12
Warwick, Allison2007FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs3
Watts, Emily2005FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs1A;1
Watts, Joe2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs3;3;3;1
Weber, Marissa2008FSwimmer4 yrs  
White, Mike2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Williams, Matthew2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Wittmer, Lyndsy2001FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs13
Yi, Justin2007MSwimmerSo-Jr So-Jr 2;7
Young, Ashley2004FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 4
Young, Maggie2002FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So  
Zabriskie, Mary2009FDiverSo  
Zeblium, Kirsten2000FDiver4 yrs  
Zlakowski, Kim2007FSwimmerSo