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Member Name Graduation
Gender Swimmer /
Seasons Captain Seasons Captain WP Caps
Adams, Greg1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Baldwin, Bill1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Bergman, Jeremy1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Bicocchi, Eric1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Bishop, Daniel1998MBoth4 yrs  
Boerner, Matt1998MDiver4 yrs  
Bohner, Steven1998MDiver4 yrs  
Brittin, Cathie1992FSwimmer4 yrs  
Bunting, Megan1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Carpenter, Britt1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Conley, Sharon1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Craig, Chris1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Craig, Jason1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Craig, Steve1994MBoth4 yrs  
DiLuigi, Laura1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Dobes, Andrea1999FSwimmerFr  
Dobes, Angela1999FSwimmerFr-So  
Dodson, Jason1995MSwimmer4 yrs  
Dodson, Stu1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Dodson, Stuart1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Doebler, Heather1994FDiver4 yrs  
Downey, Kristin1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Downey, Noreen1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Drissell, Darienne1992FSwimmer4 yrs  
Dunigan, Dan1990MSwimmer4 yrs 
Duricek, Chris1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Elko, Jeff1995MSwimmer4 yrs  
Faikish, Jeff1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Faikish, Kevin1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Fayer, Jessica1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Gallagher, J1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Geddes, Jason1998MSwimmer4 yrs  
Geddes, Kathy1996FSwimmer4 yrs  
Giardinelli, Chad1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Giardinelli, Todd1990MSwimmer4 yrs 
Gibbons, Justine1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Gilbert, Jerry1991MSwimmer4 yrs  
Gilbert, Joel1994MSwimmer4 yrs  
Glancy, Jim1999MSwimmer4 yrs  
Hachen, Monica1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Hahn, Carolyn1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hahn, Jen1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hendricks, Tammy1997FDiver4 yrs  
Hollenbach, Heather1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hommer, Karen1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Jernigan, Courtenay1992FDiver4 yrs  
Jernigan, Lindsay1998FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Johnston, Steve1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Kalvestrand, Melissa1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Kelly, Brian1991MSwimmer4 yrs  
Knight, Jamie1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 10
Krail, Julie1993FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Krail, Kristen1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Kroberger, Kyle1990MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kronstain, Tim1999MSwimmer4 yrs  
Krystopa, Matt1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Labold, Denise1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Lee, Chris1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Long, Christina1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Machain, Tara1995FDiver4 yrs  
Mack, Josh1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
McCarney, Eve1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
McGinty, Brian1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
McGrath, Ryan1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
McKelvy, Dave1994MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
McManus, Melanie1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
McPeak, Mike1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Miller, Kelly1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Moser, Alissa1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Mulvey, Colleen1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Nagle, Melissa1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Nazimek, Laura1996FSwimmer4 yrs  
Nelson, Joel1998MBoth4 yrs  
Noll, Kristen1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Norsworthy, Jack1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
O'Brien, Katie1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Ogden, Steph1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Ostrowski, Tracy1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Pasquale, Stephen1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Paul, Katie1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Phillabaum, Devin1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Phillabaum, Doug1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Phillabaum, Steve1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Pickersgill, Toby1993MBoth4 yrs  
Quinn, Tammy1992FDiver4 yrs  
Rader, Kevin1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Rader, Matt1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Raeburn, John1992MSwimmer4 yrs Jr-Sr 1
Raeburn, Travis1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Rappaport, Lee1998MSwimmer4 yrs  
Reimer, Natalie1997FDiver4 yrs  
Rissmiller, Ray1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Schillow, Diane1999FSwimmer4 yrs  
Schneider, Judsen (JD)1999MSwimmerFr-So  
Schoenfelder, Kathy1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Schriver, Susan1996FSwimmer4 yrs Jr-Sr  
Schum, John1992MBoth4 yrs  
Schweitzer, Chris1996MSwimmerFr  
Seipt, Nicole1999FDiver4 yrs  
Serang, Andrew1994MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Seward, Nicole1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Smith, Gretchen1995FSwimmer4 yrsSo-Jr-Sr  
Strader, Danielle1992FSwimmerSo  
Stuart, Carolyn
Dalton, Carolyn
1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Szabo, Ago1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Szabo, Sylvo1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Tang, Jamie1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Taylor, Adrienne1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Taylor, Janet1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Taylor, Jon1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Thomas, Jessica1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Tieger, Stacey1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Tittle, Jen1996FSwimmer4 yrs  
Tsuei, Grace1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Turner, George1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Turzo, Gabe1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Umlauf, Andrea1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Umlauf, Eric1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Valenti, Phil1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Vencius, John1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Walker, Amy1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Walker, Scott1991MSwimmer4 yrs  
Walsh, Don1994MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Waltrich, Kendal1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Wiler, Bill1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Wilkins, Mike1990MSwimmer4 yrs  
Williams, Derek1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Williams, Tracy1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Wutti, Melissa1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Young, Chrissy1997FDiver4 yrs  
Young, Tory1992FSwimmer4 yrs  
Zadell, Lori1997FDiver4 yrs  
Zagorzycki, Bryan1995MSwimmer4 yrs