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Member Name Graduation
Gender Swimmer /
Seasons Captain
Arkens, John1986MSwimmer4 yrs
Baker, Evan1981MDiver4 yrs 
Bay, Nick1985MSwimmer4 yrs
Bones, Eric1983MSwimmer4 yrs
Boyle, Patty1983FSwimmer4 yrs
Brabson, George1982MSwimmer4 yrs
Bubnis, Bill1985MDiver4 yrs 
Bubnis, Teri1981FDiver4 yrs 
Burnetski, John1983MDiver4 yrs 
Camburn, Doug1984MSwimmer4 yrs 
Canfield, Mike1982MSwimmer4 yrs 
Casciato, Perry1984MSwimmer4 yrs
Dabrowski, Andrew1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
Davidson, Matt1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
Davidson, Tom1984MSwimmer4 yrs 
Dowiak, Eric1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
Duch, Mike1981MSwimmer4 yrs
Dunigan, Kevin1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Ensign, Becky1982FSwimmer4 yrs 
Faikish, Brian1989MSwimmer4 yrs
Fallon, Bill1980MSwimmer4 yrs
Fazio, Al1987MBoth4 yrs 
Feher, Joe1984MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fenton, Rick1981MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fishman, Harvey1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fong, Jon1982MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fricke, Eric1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
Gieniec, Maggie1987FDiver4 yrs 
Giersch, John1987MSwimmer4 yrs 
Glover, Bo1985MSwimmer4 yrs 
Gotwals, Ted1986MBoth4 yrs 
Grill, Mike1987MSwimmer4 yrs
Griswold, Brian1987MSwimmer4 yrs 
Griswold, Darren1989MSwimmer4 yrs
Groth, Valerie
Miller Bean, Valerie
1980FSwimmer4 yrs 
Hartley, Sue1983FSwimmer4 yrs 
Heinz, Becky1980FSwimmer4 yrs 
Herzog, Sharon1981FSwimmer4 yrs 
Hilty, Kim1988FSwimmer4 yrs 
Iacocca, Michelle1988FSwimmer4 yrs 
Johnson, Leon1988MSwimmer4 yrs 
Kane, Colleen1989FSwimmer4 yrs 
Keffer, Jeff1980MSwimmer4 yrs 
Kirchman, Diane1989FDiver4 yrs 
Krelovich, Linda 1989FSwimmer4 yrs 
Kroberger, Chris1987MSwimmer4 yrs
Kuttruff, Bill1982MSwimmer4 yrs 
Kuttruff, Steve1985MBoth4 yrs 
Lampitoc, Chris1989MSwimmer4 yrs 
Landis, Carol1985FSwimmer4 yrs 
Lasher, Kathy1980FSwimmer4 yrs 
Lehman, Dave1986MSwimmer4 yrs
Lenett, Dave1982MSwimmer4 yrs 
Lewis, Chris1985MSwimmer4 yrs 
Linde, Doug1983MSwimmer4 yrs
Loh, Jack1988MSwimmer4 yrs 
Loh, Penn1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
MacCartney, Beth1981FDiver4 yrs 
McConnell, Dave1984MSwimmer4 yrs
McQuade, Lori1981FDiver4 yrs 
Micillo, Fran1980FSwimmer4 yrs 
Micillo, S1983FSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Bob1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Dave1981MDiver4 yrs 
Miller, Doug1988MSwimmer4 yrs
Miller, Eric1985MSwimmer4 yrs
Miller, Fred1980MSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Jim1982MSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Linda1984FSwimmer4 yrs 
Mower, Bill1980MSwimmer4 yrs
Mullen, Sean1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Munsell, Jim1989MDiver4 yrs 
Murray, Mike1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Ogden, Stacey1989FSwimmer4 yrs 
O'Neill, Kris1984FSwimmer4 yrs 
O'Neill, Mike1981MSwimmer4 yrs 
O'Shea, Kathy1989FDiver4 yrs 
O'Shea, Mike1987MSwimmer4 yrs 
Overmier, Beth1982FDiver4 yrs 
Owens, Kelly1982FSwimmer4 yrs 
Polacek, Marianne1985FDiver4 yrs 
Posch, Derek1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Posch, Gretchen1986FSwimmer4 yrs 
Quinn, Marianne1986FSwimmer4 yrs
Ralphs, Chris1989MSwimmer4 yrs 
Ralphs, Ted1987MSwimmer4 yrs 
Remy, Cindy1986FSwimmer4 yrs 
Rhue, Lisa1986FDiver4 yrs 
Riccio, Mike1988MBoth4 yrs
Rife, Lisa1981FSwimmer4 yrs 
Riggins, D.1987FSwimmer4 yrs 
Rittenhouse, Jamie1986FSwimmer4 yrs 
Sanders, Jenny1981FSwimmer4 yrs 
Schulte, Juli
O'Reilly, Juli
1982FSwimmer4 yrs
Shea, Pat1981MSwimmer4 yrs
Stanfield, Bill1984MSwimmer4 yrs 
Stempl, Debbie1987FSwimmer4 yrs 
Stempl, S1982FSwimmer4 yrs 
Stewart, Chip1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Strouse, Kelly1983FSwimmer4 yrs 
Tang, John1987MSwimmer4 yrs 
Tew, Jennie1984FSwimmer4 yrs 
Thomas, Jenny1984FSwimmer4 yrs 
Tomko, Peter1987MDiver4 yrs 
Toy, Ray1985MSwimmer4 yrs
Tschanz, Patti1982FSwimmer4 yrs 
Tur, A1987FSwimmer4 yrs 
Welsh, Paul1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
White, Dan1983MDiver4 yrs 
Wilson, Bruce1982MSwimmer4 yrs
Wundschock, Lutz1981MSwimmer4 yrs 
Wydan, Tony1981MSwimmer4 yrs 
Yaroch, Joanna1987FSwimmer4 yrs