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Member Name Graduation
Gender Swimmer /
Seasons Captain
Allenbach, Jeff1973MSwimmer4 yrs 
Anderson, T1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Bailey, Deb1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Bailey, Karen1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Ball, Tom1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Bartle, Bill1978MSwimmer4 yrs
Bartle, Tony1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Beaver, Pam1979FSwimmer4 yrs 
Belcher, Francis1978FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 
Bishop, B1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Bjorkland, Selma
Robinson, Selma
1975FSwimmer4 yrs
Black, Martha1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Bourguignon, Laurie1979FSwimmer4 yrs 
Brabson, Paul1979MSwimmer4 yrs
Bregler, H1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Breisch, Liz1978FSwimmer4 yrs 
Breuer, Chuck1972MSwimmerSr
Brown, Bill1974MBoth4 yrs
Brown, Jim1972MSwimmerJr-Sr 
Burke, Lisa1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Close, ?1973MSwimmer4 yrs 
Cosaboom, Pam1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Cummings, Deb1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Destefano, JoAnn1973FSwimmerJr-Sr 
Douglas, Ray1976MDiver4 yrs 
Duch, D1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Duddy, Carol1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Ehinger, Tony1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Ernst, Dave1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fallon, Frank1973MSwimmer4 yrs
Feher, Alex1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fenstermacher, B1973FSwimmer4 yrs 
Fonda, Andy1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Frederick, Janet 1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Frederick, Judy1973FSwimmerJr-Sr 
Gadaleta, Tony1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Garner, Randi1978FSwimmer4 yrs 
Garrett, Diane1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Garrity, Mike1978MDiver4 yrs 
Gaskin, Joel1976MDiver4 yrs 
Gebelein, Steve1975MDiver4 yrs 
Geddes, John1972MSwimmerJr-Sr
Geddes, Scott1974MSwimmer4 yrs 
Graham, Rob1978MDiver4 yrs 
Hager, Roxanne1979FDiver4 yrs 
Handerhan, Sean1972MSwimmerJr-Sr 
Hanisco, Ron1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Harnett, ?1973MSwimmer4 yrs 
Hemmingway, Ray1977MSwimmer4 yrs
Hespell, Alison1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Hespell, June1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Hespell, Karen1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Hespell, P1974FSwimmer4 yrs 
Hespell, Rhonda1974FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr 
Holliday, Bev1973FSwimmerJr-Sr 
Holliday, Diane1975FDiver4 yrs 
Hudy, Joe1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Hunsicker, Barb1973FSwimmerJr-Sr 
Irick, Sue1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Janke, Lynn1978FBoth4 yrs 
Johnson, Rick1973MSwimmer4 yrs
Keers, Ruth1972FSwimmerSr 
Kelly, Cindy1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Kennedy, Bryce1973MSwimmer4 yrs 
Kennedy, Tammy1972FSwimmerSr 
King, ?1973MSwimmer4 yrs 
Kinter, Greg1978MDiver4 yrs 
Kleinman, Carol1972FSwimmerSr 
Knauss, Dean1978MDiver4 yrs 
Knerr, Bill1975MSwimmer4 yrs
Knol, Trey1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Krimm, Sue1979FSwimmer4 yrs 
Langstaff, Eric1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Langstaff, Valerie1974FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr 
Lasher, Jim1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Lasher, Kevin1979MSwimmer4 yrs
Leidi, Lou Ann1974FSwimmer4 yrs 
Luxton, Linda1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Madge, Ed1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Madill, Cindy1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Madill, John1976MSwimmer4 yrs
Mahan, Kevin1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Mahan, Mike1978MSwimmer4 yrs
Maier, Lonnie1974FSwimmer4 yrs 
Marley, Buzz1973MBoth4 yrs 
Metz, Andy1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Metz, Julie1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Gabi1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Moser, Bill1975MSwimmer4 yrs
Muller, Bill1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Muller, George1974MSwimmer4 yrs
Muller, Kathy1973FSwimmerJr-Sr 
Muller, Mark1979MSwimmer4 yrs
Nagle, Bernie1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Nagle, Dave1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Nagle, Sharon1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Nelson, Jenny1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Offner, John1972MSwimmerJr-Sr 
Pentz, Linda1978FDiver4 yrs 
Pietrzykoski, Lee Ann1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Pittman, Terri1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Reinert, Eric1977MSwimmer4 yrs
Rife, Craig1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Rohr, D1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Rothenberger, Dale1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Russell, Julie 1979FSwimmer4 yrs 
Schlecht, Rich1976MSwimmer4 yrs
Schlecht, Robert (R. J.)1977MSwimmer4 yrs
Seaman, Bruce1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Shettsline, Terry1972FSwimmerSr 
Sotak, JoAnne1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Tocco, Doug1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Tyler, Rich1978MSwimmer4 yrs 
Waldspurger, Don1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Waters, Marianne1973FSwimmerJr-Sr 
Watt, Leslie1978FSwimmer4 yrs 
Wilson, Jan1976FSwimmer4 yrs 
Woosnam, Dawn1972FSwimmerSr 
Wydan, Mary Ellen1977FSwimmer4 yrs
Zimmerman, Gail1974FSwimmer4 yrs