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Member Name Graduation
Gender Swimmer /
Seasons Captain Seasons Captain WP Caps
Ackerman, Lindsay2013FSwimmer 4 yrs 1A;1A
Adams, Greg1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Ahlmark, Benjamin2018MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Allenbach, Jeff1973MSwimmer4 yrs  
Anders, Brandon2013MSwimmer4 yrsFr-So-Jr 24;24
Anders, Caroline2010FSwimmerFr 4 yrs 19
Anderson, T1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Anton, Cris2011MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs6;7;8;7
Anton, Jamison2008M 4 yrs1A;2;2;3
Arkens, John1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
Atit, Kunal2012M Jr 4;23
Bagdwal, Gaurav2010MSwimmerSo-Sr  
Bailey, Deb1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Bailey, Karen1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Baker, Evan1981MDiver4 yrs  
Bakradze, Lizi2020FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 9
Bakradze, Nikoloz2017MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs18
Baldwin, Bill1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Ball, Tom1976MSwimmer4 yrs  
Barnes, Mike2007MSwimmerFr-Jr Fr 99;4
Barrett, Jenn2011FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 11;1A;1A
Bartle, Bill1978MSwimmer4 yrs 
Bartle, Tony1975MSwimmer4 yrs  
Bartlewitz, Christine0FSwimmer4 yrs  
Bauer, Matt2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 21
Bauer, Sean2009M So-Jr ;23;15
Baur, Aimee2016FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4
Baur, Kristi2010FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs5
Baur, Lauren2007FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr Jr-Sr 14
Baur, Whitney2005FSwimmerSr  
Bay, Nick1985MSwimmer4 yrs 
Beaver, Pam1979FSwimmer4 yrs  
Belcher, Francis1978FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Bergman, Jeremy1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Bicocchi, Eric1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Bishop, B1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Bishop, Daniel1998MBoth4 yrs  
Bjorkland, Selma
Robinson, Selma
1975FSwimmer4 yrs 
Black, Martha1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Bleiman, Joelle2015F Fr 2
Boerner, Matt1998MDiver4 yrs  
Bohner, Emily2002FDiver4 yrs  
Bohner, Steven1998MDiver4 yrs  
Boland Bintner, Ian2017MDiver4 yrs  
Boland Bintner, Maureen2019FSwimmer4 yrs Fr  
Bones, Eric1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Bourguignon, Laurie1979FSwimmer4 yrs  
Boyle, Patty1983FSwimmer4 yrs 
Brabson, George1982MSwimmer4 yrs 
Brabson, Paul1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Brady, Danielle2005F So 22
Brady, Lauryn2009F Fr-So-Jr 3
Brady, Tory2011F Fr 10
Branson, Charlee2012FDiverJr-Sr  
Bregler, H1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Breisch, Liz1978FSwimmer4 yrs  
Bresadola, Derek2012MSwimmerSo-Jr  
Breuer, Chuck1972MSwimmerSr 
Brittin, Cathie1992FSwimmer4 yrs  
Britton, Caley2009F 4 yrs2
Britton, Kelsey2006MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs5;5;2;2
Broadhead, Abigail2020FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Brower, Emily2014FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 6
Brown, Bill1974MBoth4 yrs 
Brown, Jim1972MSwimmerJr-Sr  
Brown, Leah2016FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15
Bubnis, Bill1985MDiver4 yrs  
Bubnis, Teri1981FDiver4 yrs  
Bunting, Megan1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Burke, Lisa1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Burnetski, John1983MDiver4 yrs  
Burnley, Becca2013FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Butt, Griffin2006MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 99
Camburn, Doug1984MSwimmer4 yrs  
Campbell, Greyson2020MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 19
Canfield, Mike1982MSwimmer4 yrs  
Caringi, Jess2002FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Carpenter, Britt1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Carr, Christine2001FSwimmerFr-Sr  
Carroll, Richard0MBoth  
Carty, Erica2000FDiverFr-So-Jr  
Casciato, Perry1984MSwimmer4 yrs 
Case, Dana2014FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Chang, Joon2016MSwimmer Jr  
Chapman, Alex2008MSwimmerFr  
Chapman, Melanie2009F  6
Chasar, Alex2013MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4;9;20
Chesmar, Lauren2006FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs20;20;21;19
Chesmar, Nathan2010MSwimmer4 yrs Fr-So-Jr 22;4;8
Chiang, Jeff2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Christian, Maura2018FSwimmer4 yrs Fr 13
Christy, Scott2011MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Clark, Jasmine2010FSwimmerFr  
Clayton, Joanna2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Clemens, Mark2003MSwimmerFr  
Close, ?1973MSwimmer4 yrs  
Collins, Michael2016MSwimmer4 yrs  
Collopy, Spencer2013MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr So-Jr 17;9
Conley, Sharon1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Connolly, Taylor2011FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 11;12;7;7
Cosaboom, Pam1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Coughlin, Kate2008F Fr 24
Coupe, Ryan2008MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 18;16
Craig, Chris1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Craig, Jason1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Craig, Jayme2010FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4;21;21;4
Craig, Steve1994MBoth4 yrs  
Cummings, Deb1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Cunnane, Erin2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 10
Dabrowski, Andrew1986MSwimmer4 yrs  
Dachowski, Christina 2011FSwimmer4 yrs  
Dalpes, Casey2017FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So-Jr 7
Daly, Aidan2018MSwimmer   
Daly, Aiden2018MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4
Daly, Brian0MSwimmer  
D'Amora, Allison2003FDiver4 yrs  
Davidson, Matt1986MSwimmer4 yrs  
Davidson, Tom1984MSwimmer4 yrs  
Davler, Lindsey2002FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Deana, Jason2012MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 16;3
Deana, Samantha2010FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs13
DeFazio, Adam2014MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 8;7
Degodny, Eric2020MSwimmer4 yrs  
Destefano, JoAnn1973FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Detweiler, Brenden2004MDiver4 yrs  
Detweiler, Jackie2003FDiver4 yrs  
Detwiler, Greg2001MDiver4 yrs 
Detwiler, Katie2007FDiver4 yrs  
DiBonaventura, Nicole2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 24;16
Dickenson, Scott2012M Sr 1B
Diliberto, David2003MSwimmer4 yrs  
DiLuigi, Erica2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
DiLuigi, John2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs9
DiLuigi, Laura1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Dingman, Dan2008MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs15
Dingman, Kim2002FSwimmer4 yrsFr  
Dischell, Jackie2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
DiStefano, Jadan2018MSwimmerFr  
DiStefano, Olivia2015FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 9; 1
Dobes, Andrea1999FSwimmerFr  
Dobes, Angela1999FSwimmerFr-So  
Doblmaier, Michael2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 22;8
Dodson, Jason1995MSwimmer4 yrs  
Dodson, Stu1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Dodson, Stuart1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Doebler, Heather1994FDiver4 yrs  
Dormer, Ryan2016MDiver4 yrs  
Dorn, Lauren2001FDiver4 yrs  
Dougherty, Jeff2011M So-Jr-Sr 8;7;8
Douglas, Ray1976MDiver4 yrs  
Dowiak, Eric1986MSwimmer4 yrs  
Downey, Kristin1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Downey, Noreen1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Drissell, Darienne1992FSwimmer4 yrs  
Duch, D1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Duch, Mike1981MSwimmer4 yrs 
Duddy, Carol1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Dunigan, Andrew2018MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Dunigan, Caroline2020FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Dunigan, Dan1990MSwimmer4 yrs 
Dunigan, Emily2014FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs19
Dunigan, Kevin1983MSwimmer4 yrs  
Dunigan, Kevin J2012MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs19
Dunigan, Mark2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 13
Dunigan, Patrick2012MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 17;17;17
Duricek, Chris1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Ehinger, Tony1976MSwimmer4 yrs  
Elias, Erica2012FDiver4 yrs 
Elko, Jeff1995MSwimmer4 yrs  
Else, Brett2015MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs4
Else, Brooke2012FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs15
Else, Jack2010MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs11
English, Julie2007FSwimmerJr  
Ensign, Becky1982FSwimmer4 yrs  
Ercolani, Mark2017MSwimmerJr 4 yrs 9
Erickson, Beth2009FSwimmerSo  
Ernst, Dave1976MSwimmer4 yrs  
Evans, Kailyn2017FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 10
Evans, Sheena2006FSwimmerFr Fr-So-Jr 1B;12;Mgr
Faber, Russ2006MSwimmerFr-So  
Faikish, Brian1989MSwimmer4 yrs 
Faikish, Jeff1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Faikish, Jon2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Faikish, Kevin1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Faikish, Sean2020MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6
Falco, Kristi2006F So-Jr-Sr17
Fallon, Bill1980MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fallon, Frank1973MSwimmer4 yrs 
Fanslau, Brendan2006MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs6
Fanslau, Justin2001MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 
Fanslau, Nick2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs6
Farrell, Devon2004MSwimmerFr-So  
Farrell, Mike2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Fayer, Jessica1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Fazio, Al1987MBoth4 yrs  
Feeley, Eugene2011MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs13;2
Feher, Alex1979MSwimmer4 yrs  
Feher, Joe1984MSwimmer4 yrs  
Fein, Ryley2019MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Fellmeth, Heather2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs9
Fellmeth, Kelly2014FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 3
Fenstermacher, B1973FSwimmer4 yrs  
Fenton, Rick1981MSwimmer4 yrs  
Fenton, Victoria2011FDiverJr  
Ferreria, Andrew2013MSwimmerFr Fr 17
Fisher, Rachel2018FDiver4 yrs  
Fishman, Harvey1986MSwimmer4 yrs  
Flannery, Brian2010MSwimmerFr Fr-So 12;12
Flannery, Molly2013F 4 yrs 20;20
Fleming, Steve2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Fonda, Andy1976MSwimmer4 yrs  
Fong, Jon1982MSwimmer4 yrs  
Ford, Alex2010M Fr 24
Ford, Geoff2006M Sr 1
Forte, Nick2019MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 17
Franco, David2013MSwimmerFr 4 yrs 11;7
Franco, Matthew2018MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 10
Franco, Sophia2020FSwimmer4 yrs  
Frederick, Janet 1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Frederick, Judy1973FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Fredrickson, Sarah2008FSwimmerSo  
Freece, Caitlyn2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
French, Lauren2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs11
Frenchie, Luc2017MSwimmerSr Sr 20
Fricke, Eric1986MSwimmer4 yrs  
Friday, Derek2018MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 13
Friday, Gabby2013FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 5;14;13
Friday, Savannah2016F Fr-So-Sr 13
Friel, Harrison2016MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Gadaleta, Tony1976MSwimmer4 yrs  
Gagnon, Geoffroy2014MDiver4 yrs  
Gaibiselis, Andrew2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Galetta, Stephanie2015FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs11
Gallagher, J1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Gallagher, John2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs1
Gallagher, Nick2012MDiverJr-Sr  
Gallagher, Sean2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs1
Gallo, Mike2015MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr 4 yrs 17
Gallo, Sophia2006FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Garner, Randi1978FSwimmer4 yrs  
Garrett, Diane1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Garrity, Mike1978MDiver4 yrs  
Gaskin, Joel1976MDiver4 yrs  
Gebelein, Steve1975MDiver4 yrs  
Geddes, Jason1998MSwimmer4 yrs  
Geddes, John1972MSwimmerJr-Sr 
Geddes, Kathy1996FSwimmer4 yrs  
Geddes, Scott1974MSwimmer4 yrs  
Gehringer, Jillian2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 3
Gengler, Ryan2004MDiver4 yrs  
Geverd, Cheyne2007MSwimmerSo  
Giardinelli, Chad1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Giardinelli, Todd1990MSwimmer4 yrs 
Gibbons, Justine1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Gibson, Matt2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Gibson, Todd2003MBoth4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Gieniec, Maggie1987FDiver4 yrs  
Giersch, John1987MSwimmer4 yrs  
Gilbert, Jerry1991MSwimmer4 yrs  
Gilbert, Joel1994MSwimmer4 yrs  
Gillespie, Caroline2018FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 9
Gillespie, Will2016MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Gillotti, Heather2007FDiverFr  
Gimenez, Nico2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs17
Gimenez, Tomas2012MSwimmer4 yrs Fr 18
Glancy, Jim1999MSwimmer4 yrs  
Glover, Bo1985MSwimmer4 yrs  
Gold, Ross2018MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 12
Goldberg, Alex2017MSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Gonzalez, Hiram2015MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Good, Colleen2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Good, Julie2000FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Gotwals, Ted1986MBoth4 yrs  
Graber, Brian 2019MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Graham, Rob1978MDiver4 yrs  
Grant, Rebecca2000FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Graziano, Lisa2004FDiver4 yrs  
Greene, Abbey2018FSwimmer4 yrs  
Grever, Sean2015MSwimmer4 yrs Fr-So 21
Grieco, Steven2003MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 7
Grill, Mike1987MSwimmer4 yrs 
Griswold, Brian1987MSwimmer4 yrs  
Griswold, Darren1989MSwimmer4 yrs 
Groth, Valerie
Miller Bean, Valerie
1980FSwimmer4 yrs  
Grove, David2016MSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 3
Grove, Lauren2019FSwimmer4 yrs Fr  
Grubb, Jason2000MSwimmerFr 4 yrs 1
Guenus, Denise
Butterwick, Denise
Hachen, Monica1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Hager, Roxanne1979FDiver4 yrs  
Haggerty, Anna2015FSwimmerFr-Sr  
Hahn, Carolyn1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hahn, Jen1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Halcovage, Jenn2013FSwimmerJr 4 yrs24;24
Halteman, Abby2015FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs12
Halteman, Taylor2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Han, Ashley2019FSwimmerFr Fr 13
Handerhan, Sean1972MSwimmerJr-Sr  
Hanisco, Ron1977MSwimmer4 yrs  
Hankey, Lauren2014FSwimmerSo-Jr  
Hannings, Alex2005FSwimmerSo So 21
Hannings, Becca2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs15
Hannings, Sarah2010FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 14
Hannings, Shauna2010FDiver4 yrs4 yrs6
Harkins, Kristin2008FDiverSo-Jr  
Harkrader, Katelyn2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15
Harnett, ?1973MSwimmer4 yrs  
Hartley, Sue1983FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hartmann, Heather2017FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 11
Hartmann, Ryan2018MSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 16
Harvey, Sarah2013FSwimmerFr  
Hatfield, Brendan2009MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs23;19;5
Hatfield, Connor2012MSwimmer4 yrs Fr 12
Hayes, Carter2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Hayes, Morgan2002FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs  
Heinz, Becky1980FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hemmingway, Ray1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Hendricks, Mike2002MDiver4 yrs  
Hendricks, Tammy1997FDiver4 yrs  
Hendricks, Valerie2001FDiver4 yrs  
Hennessey, Craig2010MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 20
Hennessey, Gavin2016MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Hennessey, Laura2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Hennessey, Shane2015MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs10
Henry, Emily2018FSwimmer4 yrs  
Heo, Jun2017MSwimmerFr Fr  
Herzog, Sharon1981FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hespell, Alison1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hespell, June1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hespell, Karen1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hespell, P1974FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hespell, Rhonda1974FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Hibbert, John2007MSwimmerFr  
Highley, Elisabeth2009FSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 2;11;11;11
Higley, Braxton2018MSwimmer4 yrs  
Hill, Caleb2009MDiverSr  
Hilty, Kim1988FSwimmer4 yrs  
Himes, Jason2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 24
Himes, Matt2005MSwimmerFr  
Hittinger, Melanie2006FDiverFr-So-Jr  
Hoch, Becca2013FSwimmer4 yrsSo-Jr-Sr 23
Hoch, Bryce2017MDiver4 yrs  
Hoch, Josh2011MBoth4 yrs  
Hoch, Stephan2009MSwimmer4 yrs Fr-Jr 6;;17
Hoffman, Jessica2009FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Holland, Alexander2015MSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 11
Hollenbach, Heather1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Hollenbach, Ryan2000MDiver4 yrs  
Holliday, Bev1973FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Holliday, Diane1975FDiver4 yrs  
Hommer, Karen1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Houchins, Chris2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Howard, Rebecca2001FDiver4 yrs  
Hudy, Joe1975MSwimmer4 yrs  
Huebner, Brigid 2020FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 17
Huebner, Erin2017FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 17
Huffman, Melissa2010F Fr-So-Jr 7
Hunsicker, Barb1973FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Iacocca, Michelle1988FSwimmer4 yrs  
Ianni, Chris2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs14;16;10
Ikeda, Jan2011FSwimmer4 yrs 
Irick, Sue1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Iveson, Amanda2004FDiver4 yrs  
Jackie, Detweiler2003FDiver4 yrs  
Jamieson, Noah2018MSwimmerJr-Sr  
Janke, Lynn1978FBoth4 yrs  
Janoff, Anna2012FSwimmer4 yrsFr-So 15;8
Janoff, Sarah2003FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 12
Jaycox, Andrew2006M 4 yrs 15;15;10;10
Jernigan, Ashley Brooke2000FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 15
Jernigan, Brittany2001FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 10
Jernigan, Courtenay1992FDiver4 yrs  
Jernigan, Devon2006FSwimmer4 yrs Fr-So-Jr 10
Jernigan, Lindsay1998FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Johns, Eric2005MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So-Jr 18
Johnson, Leon1988MSwimmer4 yrs  
Johnson, Rick1973MSwimmer4 yrs 
Johnston, Steve1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Jones, Claudia2016FSwimmerSo  
Jordan, Aaron2016MSwimmer4 yrs  
Jordan, David2013MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2;12
Justin, Yi2007MSwimmer  
Kajari, Alex2012F 4 yrs10
Kalvestrand, Melissa1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Kane, Colleen1989FSwimmer4 yrs  
Katch, Amanda2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Katch, Jenni2005FDiver4 yrs  
Keeley, Brian2020M 4 yrs 8
Keers, Ruth1972FSwimmerSr  
Keffer, Jeff1980MSwimmer4 yrs  
Keisling, Chistine0FSwimmer  
Keisling, Michael2007MSwimmerFr-Jr-Sr Fr-Jr-Sr 14;3
Kelly, Brian1991MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kelly, Cindy1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Kelly, Colin2013MSwimmer4 yrsFr-So-Jr 23;23
Kelly, Liam2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7;5
Kengle, Kayla2007FDiverFr-Jr  
Kennedy, Bryce1973MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kennedy, Tammy1972FSwimmerSr  
Keough, Samantha2007FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 15
Kern, Courtney2013FSwimmerJr  
Kern, Michael2015MSwimmer4 yrs Jr-Sr 12
Kerr, Brian2008MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 7;18
Kerr, Michael2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 10
Ketterer, Kara2000FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr So-Jr-Sr  
Ketterer, Kevin2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Ketterer, Kory2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 18;22;19;4
Khadak, Mikhail2012MSwimmer So 3
Killion, Chris2020MSwimmer 4 yrs 2
Killion, Kara2015FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 16
Killion, Kelsey2015FSwimmerFr 4 yrs 7
Killion, Kevin2014MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs14
Kim, Jack2020MSwimmer 4 yrs 5
Kim, Jonah2014MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs11
King, ?1973MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kinter, Greg1978MDiver4 yrs  
Kirchman, Diane1989FDiver4 yrs  
Kirsh, Emily2011FSwimmerFr  
Klein, William2020MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kleinman, Carol1972FSwimmerSr  
Kline, A2000F 4 yrs 1A;1
Kline, Michelle2002FSwimmer4 yrs 
Klinger, Kate2007FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs22;6
Klinger, Kevin2004MSwimmerSr Sr Mgr
Knauss, Dean1978MDiver4 yrs  
Knerr, Bill1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Knight, Jamie1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 10
Knol, Trey1979MSwimmer4 yrs  
Knoll, Andrew2006MSwimmer4 yrs Jr-Sr 7;8
Kobe, Brian2006MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 99
Koenig, Zoe2014FBothSr Sr 21
Koerper, Maddy2018FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 8
Kohler, Michael2010MDiver4 yrs  
Kohut, Jessica2014FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Kolokithias, Peter2011MSwimmer4 yrsFr-So 9;14
Kolokithias, Stephen2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 16
Kompas, Martin2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Kosten, Emily2015FSwimmerSo  
Kosten, Eve2014FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Kountroubis, Nico2017MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 8
Kountroubis, Thanas2015MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 3
Kozak, Magda2004FSwimmerSo-Jr  
Krail, Jon2014MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A;1
Krail, Julie1993FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Krail, Kristen1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
Kratz, Brett2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs3
Kratz, Joshua2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs19
Kratz, Justin2001MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 
Krelovich, Linda 1989FSwimmer4 yrs  
Kriebel, Alex2007FSwimmerFr-So So-Jr 10
Krimm, Sue1979FSwimmer4 yrs  
Krise, Matt2017MDiver4 yrs  
Kroberger, Chris1987MSwimmer4 yrs 
Kroberger, Kyle1990MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kron, Alex2014MSwimmer4 yrs Fr-So-Jr 9
Kronstain, Tim1999MSwimmer4 yrs  
Krout, Julie2014FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 8
Krystopa, Matt1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kushner, Kyle2005MBoth4 yrs 4 yrs 17;17;17;18
Kuttruff, Bill1982MSwimmer4 yrs  
Kuttruff, Steve1985MBoth4 yrs  
Labate, Dan2010M So 3
Labold, Denise1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Lampitoc, Chris1989MSwimmer4 yrs  
Landis, Carol1985FSwimmer4 yrs  
Langstaff, Eric1977MSwimmer4 yrs  
Langstaff, Valerie1974FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Lasher, Jim1977MSwimmer4 yrs  
Lasher, Kathy1980FSwimmer4 yrs  
Lasher, Kevin1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Leahy, Kim2001FDiverSo-Jr-Sr  
Lee, Chris1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Lehman, Dave1986MSwimmer4 yrs 
Leidi, Lou Ann1974FSwimmer4 yrs  
Lenett, Dave1982MSwimmer4 yrs  
Lewis, Chris1985MSwimmer4 yrs  
Lewis, Kirkland2008FSwimmerSo-Jr  
Lewis, Kirstin2003FSwimmer4 yrs  
Linde, Doug1983MSwimmer4 yrs 
Lipsi, Emily2004FSwimmerFr  
Liss, Ashley2012FDiver4 yrs 
Little, Maddy2016FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Lodge, Brennan2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs8
Lodge, Kevin2006MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6;16;5;5
Loh, Jack1988MSwimmer4 yrs  
Loh, Penn1986MSwimmer4 yrs  
Lohse, Ben2010MSwimmerSr Jr-Sr 22
Long, Brandon2003MSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Long, Christina1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Love, James2004MDiverFr-So  
Ludwig, Cara2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Luxton, Linda1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Lynch, Jennifer2007FSwimmerFr Fr-So 9
Lynch, Matt2005MSwimmerFr-So-Jr Fr-So-Jr 22
MacCartney, Beth1981FDiver4 yrs  
Machain, Tara1995FDiver4 yrs  
Mack, Josh1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
MacMullen, Laura2002FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So  
Madge, Ed1977MSwimmer4 yrs  
Madill, Cindy1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Madill, John1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Mahan, Kevin1976MSwimmer4 yrs  
Mahan, Mike1978MSwimmer4 yrs 
Maier, Lonnie1974FSwimmer4 yrs  
Malagari, Steve2002MSwimmer4 yrs  
Mancini, Evan2020MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 3;1
Manger, Ashley2005F Fr 7
Manger, Kyle2008MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 13
Marczuk, Stefanie2004FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr Fr-So-Jr 17
Marett, Nolan2017MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So-Sr 19
Marett, Owen2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 19
Markus, Shane2017MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 17
Marley, Buzz1973MBoth4 yrs  
Mayer, Caitlyn2007FSwimmerSo  
McCarney, Eve1997FSwimmer4 yrs  
McClure, Kevin2011MSwimmerSo-Jr So-Jr-Sr 18
McCoach, Rachel2003FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 13
McCoach, Sarah2005FSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 20;11
McConnell, Beth0FSwimmer  
McConnell, Dave1984MSwimmer4 yrs 
McDonald, Megan2007FDiver4 yrs Fr 99
McDonald, Sean2010MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 3;9;3
McGee, Chuck2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
McGinty, Brian1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
McGrath, Ryan1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
McGuire, Melissa2018FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 12
McKeever, Dan2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A
McKeever, Tim2006MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs4
McKelvie, Taylor2008FSwimmer4 yrs  
McKelvy, Dave1994MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
McKenna, Emily2014FSwimmerFr  
McKenna, Megan2007FSwimmerSo-Sr  
McLaughlin, Alison2017FSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 6
McLaughlin, Grace2020FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
McLaughlin, Laurie2008FDiverSo-Jr-Sr  
McManus, Melanie1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
McNally, Meghan2008FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 12
McNeill, Ashley2001FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A;1A;1A;1
McPeak, Mike1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
McQuade, Lori1981FDiver4 yrs  
Meingossner, Beau2017MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 14
Meingossner, Erin2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Meingossner, MaryKate2011FSwimmerFr-So-Sr Fr-So-Sr 13
Meingossner, Sara2007FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Member5, New0FSwimmer   
Metz, Andy1979MSwimmer4 yrs  
Metz, Julie1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Meyerson, Derek2000M 4 yrs 13
Meyerson, Jodie2004FSwimmerSo-Jr 4 yrs 23;23;23; MG
Michelson, Patricia2009FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Micillo, Fran1980FSwimmer4 yrs  
Micillo, S1983FSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Bob1983MSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Caroline2015FSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Dave1981MDiver4 yrs  
Miller, Doug1988MSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Eric1985MSwimmer4 yrs 
Miller, Fred1980MSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Gabi1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Jaclyn2017FSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Jim1982MSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Kelly1990FSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Linda1984FSwimmer4 yrs  
Miller, Steve2001MSwimmer4 yrs  
Millonig, CJ2010MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 1A;1
Mitchell, Bryan2018MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Mitchell, Carter2020M 4 yrs 14
Mitchell, Quinton2015MBothJr-Sr Jr-Sr 14
Mogee, Colleen2005FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs19
Montague, Jane2020F 4 yrs 10
Mood, Matt2012MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4;15;15
Morelli, Jen2001FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs6
Morris, Jack2013MSwimmer4 yrsFr-So-Jr 5;5
Morris, Jillian2007FSwimmer4 yrs  
Morris, Mary2011FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs16;7;16;16
Morris, Sarah2015FSwimmerFr  
Moser, Alissa1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Moser, Bill1975MSwimmer4 yrs 
Most, Amanda2012FDiverSo  
Mouthaan, Stephanie2007FSwimmerFr-So-Sr Fr-So 21;Mgr
Mower, Bill1980MSwimmer4 yrs 
Moyer, Lindsay2007FSwimmerFr-So So 23
Mullen, Sean1983MSwimmer4 yrs  
Muller, Bill1976MSwimmer4 yrs  
Muller, George1974MSwimmer4 yrs 
Muller, Kathy1973FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Muller, Mark1979MSwimmer4 yrs 
Mulvey, Colleen1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Munning, Katharine2014FSwimmerFr Fr-So 4
Munsell, Jim1989MDiver4 yrs  
Murray, Frankie2010MDiverFr-So-Sr  
Murray, Mike1983MSwimmer4 yrs  
Musoleno, Kerstie2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 23;9;9;4
Musoleno, Lindsay2011FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs18;22;18;18
Muth, Haley2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 16
Myers, Carlee2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Myers, Chelsea2007F Fr-Jr-Sr 16
Myers, Joshua2005MDiver4 yrs  
Myers, Kristin2002FSwimmer4 yrs  
Myzal, Adam2010MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4;2;4
Myzal, Alison2009FSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 17
Nagle, Bernie1975MSwimmer4 yrs  
Nagle, Dave1979MSwimmer4 yrs  
Nagle, Melissa1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Nagle, Sharon1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Naudasher, Becky2000FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Nazimek, Laura1996FSwimmer4 yrs  
Nees, Zac2009MBoth4 yrs  
Neidlinger, Greg2014MSwimmer4 yrs Fr-So-Jr 5;24
Nelson, Cali2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 3
Nelson, Jenny1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Nelson, Joel1998MBoth4 yrs  
Noll, Kristen1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Norsworthy, Jack1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
O'Brien, Collen2002FSwimmerFr-So  
O'Brien, Katie1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
O'Donnell, Casey2015FSwimmerFr  
O'Donnell, Sean2016MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 3
Offner, John1972MSwimmerJr-Sr  
Ogden, Stacey1989FSwimmer4 yrs  
Ogden, Steph1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Oglevee, Brad2004MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 12
O'Malley, Ashley2006FSwimmerFr-So-Jr Fr-So 24
O'Malley, Nevin2010MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 21;10
O'Neill, Casey2010FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5;12;12
O'Neill, Erin2016FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs18
O'Neill, Kris1984FSwimmer4 yrs  
O'Neill, Mike1981MSwimmer4 yrs  
O'Neill, Tess2013FSwimmerJr-Sr 4 yrs23;5
Ortlieb, Matt2011MSwimmer4 yrsFr-So 11;15
Ortlieb, Nick2009MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs24;14;1;9
O'Shea, Kathy1989FDiver4 yrs  
O'Shea, Mike1987MSwimmer4 yrs  
Ostrowski, Tracy1993FSwimmer4 yrs  
Overmier, Beth1982FDiver4 yrs  
Owens, Kelly1982FSwimmer4 yrs  
Owens, Shane2013MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs8;16
Owens, Zachary2018MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 1
Palumbo, Cole2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs18
Palumbo, Drew2005MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs8
Palumbo, Jessica2008FSwimmerFr-So-Sr 4 yrs 8
Paolone, Heather2012FDiver4 yrs 
Parrott, Adam2004MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr Jr-Sr 7
Pasquale, Stephen1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Patterson, AJ2019MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 12
Patterson, Brittney2013FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 17
Patterson, Katie2011FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs1A;1A;1;1
Paul, Katie1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Pentz, Linda1978FDiver4 yrs  
Perkins, Kat2014FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs1
Peterman, Gina2002FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs  
Peters, Abby2020FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Peterson, Jenna2013FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Petro, Jamie2002FDiverFr-So-Jr  
Phillabaum, Curtis2005MSwimmerFr-So Fr-So 16
Phillabaum, Devin1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Phillabaum, Doug1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Phillabaum, Steve1999MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Picardi, Braden2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 21;21;21;4
Pickersgill, Toby1993MBoth4 yrs  
Pietrzykoski, Lee Ann1977FSwimmer4 yrs  
Pironti, Olivia2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 18
Pittman, Terri1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Plewinski, Amy2007FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs13
Plewinski, Katie2001FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs7
Polacek, Marianne1985FDiver4 yrs  
Posch, Derek1983MSwimmer4 yrs  
Posch, Gretchen1986FSwimmer4 yrs  
Poulin, Nick2012MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 9;13;2
Prater, Ryan2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Pritz, Ben2017MSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Prousi, George2006M Sr 11
Pulli, Nick2012MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11;14;14
Quinn, Marianne1986FSwimmer4 yrs 
Quinn, Meghan2013FSwimmerFr-So-Jr Fr-So 13;11
Quinn, Shannon2016FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs2
Quinn, Tammy1992FDiver4 yrs  
Rader, Allison2004FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6
Rader, Kevin1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Rader, Matt1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Raeburn, John1992MSwimmer4 yrs Jr-Sr 1
Raeburn, Travis1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Ralphs, Chris1989MSwimmer4 yrs  
Ralphs, Ted1987MSwimmer4 yrs  
Rappaport, Eric2007MSwimmerFr Fr-So 99;17
Rappaport, Lee1998MSwimmer4 yrs  
Recco, Angela2007FSwimmerFr Fr-So-Jr 2
Reddy, Melanie2008FSwimmerFr  
Reimer, Natalie1997FDiver4 yrs  
Reiner, Joel2002MSwimmer4 yrs  
Reinert, Eric1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Reitz, Jenna2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A;1A;1;9
Rembolt, Kelly2001FSwimmerFr-So  
Remy, Cindy1986FSwimmer4 yrs  
Renda, Lisa2007FSwimmerFr-So-Jr  
Reynolds, Adam2005MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr So-Jr-Sr 23;23;23;13
Rhue, Lisa1986FDiver4 yrs  
Ribeiro, Brandon2012M Fr-So 13
Riccio, Mike1988MBoth4 yrs 
Rife, Craig1979MSwimmer4 yrs  
Rife, Lisa1981FSwimmer4 yrs  
Riggins, D.1987FSwimmer4 yrs  
Rimmer, Bryon2020MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 16
Rinker, Shelby2009FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs20;10
Rissmiller, Ray1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Rittenhouse, Jamie1986FSwimmer4 yrs  
Rivera, Rosalinda2018FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Robinson, Molly2008FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs4
Roderiguez, Angela2009F 4 yrs 8
Rogers, Kelly2011FSwimmer4 yrs  
Rogers, Lindsey2009FSwimmerFr-So So-Jr 12
Rogers, Tara2014FSwimmer4 yrs 
Rohr, D1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Rose, Shannon2004FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Roth, Kerri2004FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 1B;1A;1A;5
Rothenberger, Dale1975MSwimmer4 yrs  
Rowland, Liam2020MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 13
Rowland, Stephen2013MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs 21;21
Russell, Julie 1979FSwimmer4 yrs  
Russo, AJ2011MDiverSo-Jr-Sr  
Sacchetti, Sean2016MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Sagaram, Aparna2007FSwimmerFr-So  
Sagaram, Depka2006FSwimmerFr Fr  
Saks, Mike2006MSwimmerFr Fr-So-Jr 99;99;11
Salomone, Chris2004MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Sanders, Jenny1981FSwimmer4 yrs  
Sartori, McKenna2017FSwimmer4 yrs  
Schaffer, Ashley2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 21
Schellinger, Jacob2014MSwimmer4 yrs Fr-So-Jr 2
Schillow, Diane1999FSwimmer4 yrs  
Schillow, Rick2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Schlecht, Rich1976MSwimmer4 yrs 
Schlecht, Robert (R. J.)1977MSwimmer4 yrs 
Schmidley, Pete2008MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6;23;6;7
Schneider, David2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 12
Schneider, Judsen (JD)1999MSwimmerFr-So  
Schneider, Sarah2005FSwimmerFr-So-Sr 4 yrs8
Schoendorfer, Dan2008MDiverFr-So  
Schoenfelder, Kathy1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Schriver, Maureen2001FSwimmer4 yrs 
Schriver, Susan1996FSwimmer4 yrs Jr-Sr  
Schulte, Juli
O'Reilly, Juli
1982FSwimmer4 yrs 
Schulz, Parker2019FSwimmer4 yrs Fr  
Schum, John1992MBoth4 yrs  
Schwar, Luke2020MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 18
Schwartz, Alena2017FSwimmer4 yrs Jr 4
Schweitzer, Chris1996MSwimmerFr  
Seaman, Bruce1975MSwimmer4 yrs  
Seipt, Nicole1999FDiver4 yrs  
Serang, Andrew1994MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Seward, Nicole1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Shannon, Alara2004FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So  
Shea, Pat1981MSwimmer4 yrs 
Shenton, Autumn2008FSwimmerFr-Jr 4 yrs 22;1A
Shettsline, Terry1972FSwimmerSr  
Silfies, Samantha2007FSwimmerFr-So  
Simcox, Chris2005MSwimmerFr-So-Sr So-Jr-Sr 1B;1B;1B;1A
Simcox, Georgia2009FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs18
Simpsom, Pam2003FDiver4 yrs  
Sisko, Aaron2014MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6
Sisko, Amelia2013FDiverJr  
Sisko, Jacob2011MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs21
Sisko, Megan2007FSwimmer4 yrsFr-Sr 24;10
Sisko, Mike2016MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 9
Sisson, Gretchen2002FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4
Sisson, Meredith2005FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 14
Slomiany, Matt2006MSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr So-Jr-Sr 20;20;23;7
Smallwood, Jeff2008MSwimmer4 yrs So-Jr-Sr 23;20;5
Smith, Corey2016MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 6
Smith, Evan2016MSwimmer4 yrs  
Smith, Gretchen1995FSwimmer4 yrsSo-Jr-Sr  
Smith, Jeremy2012M 4 yrs1A;1
Smith, Lauren2002FDiverFr-So  
Smith, Stephanie2013FSwimmer Fr 21
Snow, Billy2017MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 7
Sommar, Brittany2003FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15
Sotak, JoAnne1975FSwimmer4 yrs  
Stanfield, Bill1984MSwimmer4 yrs  
Stearns, Colleen2010FSwimmerFr-So-Jr So-Jr-Sr 11
Stearns, Valerie2012FSwimmer4 yrsFr 9
Stearsman, Josh2015MDiver4 yrs  
Stempl, Debbie1987FSwimmer4 yrs  
Stempl, S1982FSwimmer4 yrs  
Stewart, Chip1983MSwimmer4 yrs  
Stiles, Colleen2010FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15;15;3
Stiles, Emily2007FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs1A;1A;1
Strader, Danielle1992FSwimmerSo  
Strouse, Kelly1983FSwimmer4 yrs  
Stuart, Carolyn
Dalton, Carolyn
1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Supko, Kyle2015MSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs 22;2
Szabo, Ago1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Szabo, C2003F Fr-So  
Szabo, Dominick2000MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Szabo, Sylvo1997MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Szabo, V2002F So-Jr-Sr  
Tang, Jamie1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Tang, John1987MSwimmer4 yrs  
Tanis, Maddie2015FDiver4 yrs  
Tate, Alyssa2013FSwimmer4 yrs 
Tate, Julia2009FDiverSo-Jr-Sr  
Taylor, Adrienne1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Taylor, Alex2005FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 18
Taylor, Jacob2003MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1A
Taylor, Janet1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Taylor, Jon1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Terchek, Robert2014MSwimmerFr-So  
Tew, Jennie1984FSwimmer4 yrs  
Thamm, Claudia2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 2
Thomas, Jenny1984FSwimmer4 yrs  
Thomas, Jessica1998FSwimmer4 yrs  
Thomas, Tyler2010MSwimmerSo  
Thompson, Claire2011FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 20;2;2;2
Thompson, Kyle2005MSwimmerFr-So-Jr Fr-So-Jr 15;2
Thompson, Patrick2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs6
Tieger, Stacey1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Tittle, Jen1996FSwimmer4 yrs  
Tocco, Doug1975MSwimmer4 yrs  
Tomko, Peter1987MDiver4 yrs  
Toropin, Lera2009FSwimmer4 yrs  4
Toy, Ray1985MSwimmer4 yrs 
Tran, Diem-Thanh2016FSwimmerSo-Jr-Sr  
Trautz, Aspen2013FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs9;9
Trautz, Braeden2018MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15
Trautz, Sage2020MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 10
Trautz, Skyler2015MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15
Trinh, Vince2010M Jr-Sr 6
Trumpp, Daniel2018MSwimmer4 yrs  
Trumpp, Jacob2018MSwimmerFr-So  
Tschanz, Patti1982FSwimmer4 yrs  
Tsuei, Grace1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Tur, A1987FSwimmer4 yrs  
Turner, George1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Turzo, Gabe1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Tyler, Rich1978MSwimmer4 yrs  
Umlauf, Andrea1999FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 11
Umlauf, Eric1998MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 1
Valenti, Phil1996MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Vencius, John1995MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Veverka, Justin2013MSwimmerFr-So 4 yrs12;22
Veverka, Ryan2011MSwimmer4 yrs Sr 10
Vogt, Karlie2013FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 22;22
Vose, Diana2009FDiver4 yrs  
Voss, Madeline2019FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Waldspurger, Don1977MSwimmer4 yrs  
Walker, Amy1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Walker, Scott1991MSwimmer4 yrs  
Walsh, Don1994MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Walton, Ben2017MSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 3
Waltrich, Kendal1994FSwimmer4 yrs  
Ward, Brandon2008MSwimmerSo-Jr-SrSo-Jr-Sr 12
Ward, Chris2010MSwimmerFr 4 yrs13;14;13
Warwick, Allison2007FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs3
Waters, Marianne1973FSwimmerJr-Sr  
Watt, Leslie1978FSwimmer4 yrs  
Watts, Emily2005FSwimmer4 yrs4 yrs1A;1
Watts, Joe2007MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs3;3;3;1
Weber, Marissa2008FSwimmer4 yrs  
Weed, Alex2017FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 5
Weitzel, Dalton2019MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 4
Weitzel, Montgomerie2017FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 16
Welsh, Paul1986MSwimmer4 yrs  
White, Dan1983MDiver4 yrs  
White, Mike2001MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs  
Wiler, Bill1993MSwimmer4 yrs  
Wilkins, Mike1990MSwimmer4 yrs  
Williams, Derek1992MSwimmer4 yrs  
Williams, Matthew2002MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 
Williams, Tracy1991FSwimmer4 yrs  
Wilson, Bruce1982MSwimmer4 yrs 
Wilson, Jan1976FSwimmer4 yrs  
Wittmer, Lyndsy2001FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs13
Woosnam, Dawn1972FSwimmerSr  
Wundschock, Lutz1981MSwimmer4 yrs  
Wutti, Melissa1995FSwimmer4 yrs  
Wydan, Maeve2018FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 14
Wydan, Mary Ellen1977FSwimmer4 yrs 
Wydan, Tony1981MSwimmer4 yrs  
Yacopino, Marie2016FDiver4 yrs  
Yacovelli, Jen2015FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So-Jr 14
Yaroch, Joanna1987FSwimmer4 yrs  
Yi, Justin2007MSwimmerSo-Jr So-Jr 2;7
Yocum, Ryan2016MSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 15
Young, Ashley2004FSwimmerFr-So-Jr 4 yrs 4
Young, Chrissy1997FDiver4 yrs  
Young, Maggie2002FSwimmerFr-So Fr-So  
Young, Tory1992FSwimmer4 yrs  
Zabriskie, Mary2009FDiverSo  
Zadell, Lori1997FDiver4 yrs  
Zagorzycki, Bryan1995MSwimmer4 yrs  
Zartman, Megan2018FSwimmer4 yrs 4 yrs 3
Zeblium, Kirsten2000FDiver4 yrs  
Zeiger, Savanna2017FSwimmer4 yrs  
Zimmerman, Gail1974FSwimmer4 yrs  
Zlakowski, Kim2007FSwimmerSo