A listing of newspaper articles involving
the North Penn High School Swim Team and/or its members



 Kinghts upend dynasty  Water polo title  The Reporter  --  11/04/96
 North Penn stuns Wilson for state
 water polo crown
 Meet report  Montgomeryville Spirit  Team picture  11/06/96
 North Penn rolls over Emmaus  Meet report  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  01/08/97
 Emmaus edges Maidens  Meet report  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  01/08/97
 One for the record books (Faikish)  Meet report  The Reporter  Chris Craig  01/04/97
 Maidens just miss victory  Meet report  The Reporter  N/A  01/04/97
 North Penn swimmer also gets her kicks  Ashley Jernigan  Philadelphia Inquirer  --  01/14/97
 Maidens win easily  Meet report  The Reporter  Heather Hollenbach,
 Lindsay Jernigan,
 Group picture
 Knights top Pennridge  Meet report  The Reporter  Steve Bohner  01/17/97
 Maidens swim on past Pennsbury  Meet report  The Reporter  --  01/22/97
 NP cruise to victory  Meet report  The Intelligencer  --  01/22/97
 NP rolls to pair of wins  Meet report  The Record  --  01/22/97
 NP dominates on way to win  Meet report  The Reporter  Lee Rappaport  01/24/97
 Moser swims big in Maidens win  Meet report  The Reporter  Alissa Moser  01/29/97
 NP strong in blowout win  Meet report  The Reporter  Kevin Rader  01/31/97
 Knights win big  Meet report  The Reporter  --  02/05/97
 Maidens dominate in win over Bensalem  Meet report  The Reporter  --  02/05/97
 North Penn's quiet Moser lets times do
 the talking
 Alissa Moser  Philadelphia Inquirer  --  02/11/97
 Maidens battle psat Souderton  Meet report  The Reporter  Kristen Krail  02/12/97
 Knights strong in easy victory  Meet report  The Reporter  Nicole Seward,
 Jeff Faikish
 Szabos assault NP records  Ago Szabo,
 Dominick Szabo,
 Sylvo Szabo
 The Reporter  Sylvo Szabo,
 Dominick Szabo and  their sister Cecilia
 North Penn boys and girls dunk Souderton  Meet report  The Times Herald  --  02/12/97
 NP, East prevail  League champs  The Intelligencer  --  02/16/97
 Knights Bohner wins league title  League champs  The Intelligencer  --  02/16/97
 N. Penn breezes to Patriot title  League champs  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  02/19/97
 North Penn's back at the top  League champs  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  02/19/97
 Knight's Bohner wins diving
 League champs  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  02/19/97
 Athlete of the week -
 Faikish teaches, then swims
 Jeff Faikish  The Reporter  Jeff Faikish  02/20/97
 Bohner dives into district crown  Districts  The Reporter  Steve Bohner  02/24/97
 North Penn's Faikish stung by seeding in  500  freestyle  Jeff Faikish  The Reporter  Jeff Faikish,
 Bill Bartle
 Szabos keep tradition alive  Ago Szabo,
 Dominick Szabo,
 Sylvo Szabo
 The Intelligencer  --  02/26/97
 Knights go for ninth straight district title  Pre-district report  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  02/26/97
 Bohner wins diving crown  Districts  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  02/26/97
 NP boys seize ninth straight title  Districts  The Intelligencer  --  03/02/97
 North Penn "states" its case at districts  Districts  The Time Herald  --  03/02/97
 NP swimmers take one for the team  Districts  The Intelligencer  Ashley Jernigan  03/03/97
 NP captures No. 9.  Districts  The Reporter  Eric Umlauf,
 Sylvo Szabo,
 Kevin Rader,
 Steve Johnston  
 Maidens don't leave upset  Districts  The Reporter  Becky Naudasher,
 Heather Hollenbach,
 Kristen Krail 
 NP boys win ninth straight District One
 Districts  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  03/05/97
 Maidens fall short of Council Rock  Districts  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  03/0597
 Swimming rewards come to those who  work the hardest  Districts  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  03/05/97
 Knights dominate in pool  Pre-state report  The Reporter  Steve Johnston,
 John Raeburn,
 Derek Williams 
 NP swimmers seek another state title  Pre-state report  The Intelligencer  Steve Bohner,
 Bill Bartle,
 Eric Umlauf, 
 Sylvo Szabo,
 Jeff Faikish,
 Dominick Szabo 
 North Penn boys build lead in PIAA
 swimming finals
 States  Philadelphia Inquirer  --  03/15/97
 North Penn boys looking strong early on  States  The Time Herald  --  03/15/97
 North Penn on course for title  States  The Reporter  --  03/15/97
 North Penn boys splash way to state
 States  The Times Herald    03/16/97
 NP's Krail surpasses own expectations at  states  States  The Intelligencer  Ashley Jernigan  03/16/97
 North Penn wins state title  States  The Intelligencer  --  03/16/97
 Faikish upholds family tradition and a
 state  trophy
 States  The Intelligencer  --  03/17/97
 NP's state title was a result of true
 States  The Intelligencer  Kristen Krail  03/17/97
 N. Penn boys swim to state title  States  Philadelphia Inquirer  --  03/17/97
 Golden win for NP boys  States  The Reporter  Eric Umlauf,
 Jeff Faikish,
 Jeremy Bergman,
 Steve Johnston,
 Team picture,
 Sylvo Szabo,
 Steve Bohner
 Strong finish for NP  States  The Reporter  Lindsay Jernigan,
 Becky Naudasher,
 Kristen Krail,
 Heather Hollenbach
 North Penn boys claim state Class AAA
 States  Montgomeryville Spirit  Team picture  03/19/97
 Maidens improve to 10th at states  States  Montgomeryville Spirit  --  03/19/97
 Athlete of the week -
 Knight rises at his time
 Eric Umlauf  The Reporter  Eric Umlauf,
 Jeremy Bergman
 "She is an incredible team leader"  Mel. Kalvestrand  Montgomeryville Spirit  Melissa Kalvestrand  04/02/97

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