This picture shows Ray Toy, a real character on North Penn's early-to-mid 80s teams. The following is an excerpt that accompanied Toy's picture in the January 4, 1985 edition of The Reporter.

"Knights 'Toy' with Tigers

It's hard to miss North Penn's Ray Toy at swimming meet. He's the guy standing on the starting block acting more like Bruce Lee than Mark Spitz. Before each race, Toy spends nearly two minutes psyching himself up through the use of Martial Arts. This can be quite disconcerting to an opponent.

For instance, take Marple-Newtown's Eric Johnson, who was stationed next to Toy in the 50-yard freestyle Thursday night. After enduring Toy's histrionics, Johnson false-started twice and was disqualified. It's hard to tell whether that was directly related to Toy's pre-race antics, but it's a good bet that Johnson was at least distracted.

Toy won that race in 22.77 and added the 100 freestyle later on (in 51.56) to help the Knights to a 91-81 home win over the Tigers. Toy also led off on the victorious 400-yard free relay (3:25.13) that broke a 79-79 tie on the last event of the meet.

Toy's ritual begins with stretching and concentration before he steps onto the starting block and more movement once there. All of this is punctuated by a guttural yelp just before the swimmers are commanded to take their marks.

'Over the summer, I was a student at the Bushido Martial Arts Center in Lansdale,' Toy, who is of Japanese decent, explained. 'Pat Byrnes taught me some knowledge of tention control. If it helps to psych out opponents while it psychs me up, so be it. I'm not interested in psyching them out. I want to pump myself up."