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Boys' Top 30 Performances

200 Yard IM

1Dominick Szabo1:49.86Sr2000State Final 
2Nick Fanslau1:52.49Jr2002State Finals 
3Derek Williams1:52.71Sr1992State Finals 
4Thanas Kountroubis1:53.29Sr2015District 1 Champs 
5Steve Fleming1:53.73Sr2000State Prelims 
6Tim McKeever1:55.01Sr2006States - Finals 
7Patrick Dunigan1:56.49Sr2012PIAA State Championships -Prelim 
8Corey Smith1:56.61Jr2015District 1 Champs 
9Bill Bartle1:56.82Sr1978States 
10Kyle Supko1:56.83Sr2015District 1 ChampsPersonal Best For Kyle!!!
11Nico Gimenez1:57.12Sr2008States (3/12 & 3/13) 
12Adam Reynolds1:57.27Sr2005State Prelims 
13Jason Craig1:57.42Sr1996State Prelims 
14Dan Dingman1:57.51Sr2008LaSalle 
15Matt Bauer1:57.68So2002PIAA District One Championships 
16Todd Giardinelli1:57.89Sr1990State Prelims 
17Joe Watts1:58.10Sr2007State Championships 
18Harrison Friel1:58.18Jr2015District 1 Champs 
19Jerry Gilbert1:58.34Sr1991Districts 
19Tomas Gimenez1:58.34Sr2012District 1 Championships 
21John Arkens1:59.17Sr1986District 1 Championships 
22Kevin J Dunigan1:59.36Sr2012District 1 Championships 
23Robert (R. J.) Schlecht1:59.45Sr1977State Finals 
24Matt Ortlieb1:59.54Sr2011PIAA DISTRICT 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS 
25Jon Krail1:59.94Sr2014District 1 Swimming 
26John Gallagher2:00.24Sr2002PIAA District One Championships 
27Doug Linde2:00.70Sr1983District 1 Championships 
28Michael Kerr2:00.74Jr2003District I Championships 
29John DiLuigi2:00.90Jr2006District 1 Championships (1st Half) 
30Don Walsh2:01.20Jr1993District 1 Championships 
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