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Boys' Top 30 Performances

200 Yard Freestyle

1Jack Morris1:40.19Sr2013PIAA State Championships - Finals 
2Brendan Fanslau1:40.61Sr2006States - Prelims 
3Jeremy Bergman1:41.41Sr1999State Prelims 
4Thanas Kountroubis1:41.61Jr2014District 1 Swimming 
5Dan Dingman1:41.87Sr2008States (3/12 & 3/13) 
6Michael Kern1:42.26Sr2015District 1 Champs 
7Scott Walker1:42.30Sr1991State Prelims 
8Jeff Faikish1:42.50Sr1997District 1 Championships 
9Chris Craig1:42.64Sr1999State Finals 
10Matt Krystopa1:43.25Sr1992District 1 Championships 
11Tony Bartle1:43.36Sr1975States - Prelim 
12Chris Salomone1:43.88Sr2004Districts 
13Justin Fanslau1:44.21Sr2001State Finals 
14Brett Else1:44.24Jr2014District 1 Swimming 
15Peter Kolokithias1:44.44Sr2011PIAA DISTRICT 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS 
16Jack Else1:44.70Sr2010District One Swimming Champs 
17Aidan Daly1:45.07Fr2015District 1 Champs 
18Dominick Szabo1:45.84Sr2000William Tennent 
19Sean Mullen1:46.02Sr1983States 
20Jerry Gilbert1:46.03Sr1991Bensalem 
21Matt Slomiany1:46.20Sr2006States - Prelims 
22Tim McKeever1:46.32Jr2005State Prelims 
23Nick Fanslau1:46.60Sr2003Pennsbury 
24Rich Schlecht1:46.65Sr1976States 
25Matt Rader1:46.91Sr1995State Prelims 
26Dan McKeever1:47.00Jr2003Council Rock North 
27Bill Fallon1:47.16Sr1980States - Prelim 
28Jason Craig1:47.23Sr1996Methacton 
29Carter Hayes1:47.35Sr2003District I Championships 
30Steve Johnston1:47.40Jr1996Council Rock 
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