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Girls' Top 30 Performances

500 Yard Freestyle

1Linda Krelovich4:57.45Jr1988Season Summary / States 
2Tara Rogers4:58.33Jr2013PIAA District 1 - Swim ChampsTara tickets to "A" Final !!!
3Juli Schulte4:59.58Jr1981Radnor 
4Maureen Schriver5:05.12Sr2001State Prelims 
5Nicole DiBonaventura5:07.11Sr2009District 1 Swimming Champs - Day TwoQualifies for finals!
6Nicole Seward5:11.55Sr1999Districts 
7Heather Hartmann5:13.63So2015District 1 Champs 
8Susan Schriver5:13.70Jr1995CB East 
9Danielle Strader5:14.08So1990Pennsbury 
10Colleen Stiles5:15.15Sr2010District One Swimming Champs 
11Becca Hannings5:15.36Jr2007State Championships 
12Sharon Conley5:15.57Sr1993Districts 
13Becky Ensign5:16.70Sr1982Perk Valley 
14Julie Krout5:16.94Jr2013PIAA District 1 - Swim ChampsTold ya.. Never doubt Julie Krout... posts points!!!
15Kendal Waltrich5:17.33Sr1994Districts 
16Valerie Groth5:18.13So1978Districts 
17Justine Gibbons5:19.35Sr1990Emmaus 
18Sharon Herzog5:19.47So1979Upper Dublin 
19Emily Stiles5:21.15Jr2006District 1 Championships (2nd Half) 
20Lauren Chesmar5:21.22Sr2006Leagues 
21Caroline Gillespie5:21.91Fr2015District 1 Champs 
22Patty Boyle5:22.29Jr1982Upper Dublin 
23Linda Miller5:22.91Sr1984Districts 
24Alissa Moser5:24.16Sr1998Districts 
25Allison Warwick5:24.46Sr2007Council Rock NorthDistrict Qualifier
26Shannon Rose5:24.88So2002CB West 
27Aspen Trautz5:25.56Sr2013PIAA District 1 - Swim Champs 
28Jessica Fayer5:25.69Jr1993Districts 
29Erin Cunnane5:26.30Jr2002CB East 
30Melissa Kalvestrand5:26.63Sr1997Districts 
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