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Girls' Top 30 Performances

100 Yard Backstroke

1Olivia DiStefano56.22Jr2014District 1 Swimming 
2Megan Zartman57.77Fr2015District 1 Champs 
3Emily Watts58.98Sr2005State Prelims 
4Alissa Moser59.14Jr1997Districts 
5Justine Gibbons59.76Sr1990State Prelims 
6Kim Hilty1:00.13Sr1988Districts 
6Shannon Rose1:00.13So2002State Prelims 
8Colleen Stiles1:00.48Sr2010District One Swimming Champs 
9Juli Schulte1:00.55Fr1979State Prelims 
10Tory Young1:01.45Jr1991Districts 
11Anna Haggerty1:01.55Fr2012District 1 Championships 
12Karlie Vogt1:01.88So2011PIAA DISTRICT 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS 
13Brittany Jernigan1:02.01Jr2000Council Rock 
14Gretchen Smith1:02.13Sr1995Districts 
15Lauren Chesmar1:02.26Sr2006District 1 Championships (2nd Half) 
16Samantha Deana1:02.31Jr2009District 1 Swimming Champs - Day Two 
17Kat Perkins1:02.70Jr2013PIAA District 1 - Swim ChampsKat is back... and something is always Perkin(s)... 15th fastest time in Maiden history!!!
18Becca Hoch1:02.83Jr2012District 1 Championships 
19Julie Krail1:02.88Sr1993Pennsbury 
20Katie Patterson1:02.95Sr2011PIAA DISTRICT 1 CHAMPIONSHIPS 
21Nicole Seward1:02.99Sr1999Methacton 
22Maddy Koerper1:03.01Fr2015District 1 Champs 
23Joanna Clayton1:03.02Jr2001Districts 
24Stephanie Mouthaan1:03.08Sr2007District 1 Swim Championships 
25Colleen Mogee1:03.15Jr2004Districts 
26Laura MacMullen1:03.27So2000Districts 
27Grace Tsuei1:03.36Sr1991Districts 
28Alison Hespell1:03.61Fr1974State Prelims 
29Lauren French1:03.86So2006CB South 
30Jenny Sanders1:03.91Sr1981Radnor 
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