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Easy wins in the home pool
The Maidens beat Perkiomen Valley in the first ever official waterpolo game at the North Penn High School 11:6. The boys won their game 13:4. The Rick Carroll Natatorium's was full of spectators indicating that there is a lot of interest in home meets. Hopefully, there will be more.

Maidens, Knights lose by one
Both the North Penn girls and boys had a close game with Souderton, but in the end the missed opportunities proved to be too costly. The girls lost 4:3 and the boys 5:4. The next game, against Perkiomen Valley, on Monday, October 16, will mark the first time that a game will be played at the North Penn High School.

Time to move on
It's been wonderful... I will never stop remembering the great times I spent as a parent, friend, and volunteer with the North Penn High School's swimming program. I enjoyed the cheering, videotaping, the five years of yearbook editing and the three years of web site development and management. It was a lot of fun. And if not always without frustration, well, that's just life. I will certainly keep only the greatest memories, and there are plenty. I feel deeply privileged to have been able to work with one of the best high school coaches this country has ever seen. Bill Bartle's record of a water polo and four straight swimming state championships, taking the NP boys and keeping them in the top five public high school programs in the U.S.A. for four consecutive years, and in the end leading them to the number one national ranking, made my job very easy. There was certainly no need for motivation. I woke up and went to bed daily with thoughts of how I could match the program's success with quality representation, accurate reporting, and documentation.

During the first year of development we received about 5,000 hits which grew to 12,000 by the end of the second year. We had a tremendous growth this past season propelling the number of hits to 30,000. Many of the visits came from rival high schools from our league, district, and state. College coaches, researchers, and various organizations checked out the NP web site from as far as Texas, Florida, and California. And it's worth taking a look at the impressive list of countries where fans and competitors took notice of the powerful North Penn swimming program. Here they are in the order they first logged on:
Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Malaysia, Italy, Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Chile, Sweden, Singapore, Greece, Ireland, South Africa, Hungary, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, France, Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

Thank you to all who offered their help in making this site interesting and informative, particularly coach Bartle and Rick Carroll. I will miss working with you. Now I must turn my attention to other responsibilities that have been patiently waiting for me as well as all the new challenges which I am always ready to embrace.

Your new web master will be Mercer Sisson. He brings different skills to this web site that will surely result in a welcome improvement, especially in the so much needed technical areas. Please be patient and a good assistant to Mercer so he can serve you better. But I am not saying a final good bye yet. As my time permits I hope to finish updating the various tables by the time the 2000-2001 swimming season kicks off. Also, I would like to make a page dedicated to the memory of our inspirational hero, Matt Walsh. Finally, I will keep managing the alumni pages. I hope that it can serve the program as well as the individuals well if we can maintain a lively connection between the past and the present. So stay in touch wherever you are! - Joe Szabo

Maidens win the Beast of the East Tournament
The North Penn girls dominated the annual Wilson tournament, with Brittany Jernigan scoring 10 goals. Other standouts were Lyndsy Wittmer with 10 steals, Jen Morelli with 6 assists, and Katie Plewinski with 3 goals, 3 assists, and 5 steals.
NP-Worthington (OH) 8-3
NP-Wilson 7-1
NP-McDowell 4-3
The Knights lost virtually all of their starters from last year, so this is a rebuilding period for them. Here are the results of their games at the tournament:
NP-Wilson 6-10
NP-Worthington (OH) 10-1
NP-Greenwich (CT) 4-14

These North Penn friends could have made it to the Olympics in many other countries
A look at the best times of Steve Fleming and Dominick Szabo revealed that both North Penn standouts, who led the Knights to four consecutive state titles and a national number one ranking among public high schools, could have represented a number of countries at the Olympics. They achieved the international B standard for Olimpic qualification. Steve Fleming's best time of 58.61 in the 100 meter backstroke made the B cut of 58.71. The A cut is 55.91. Dominick Szabo's 1:04.14 100 breaststroke time beat the 1:05.64 standard. The A qualifying time is 1:02.51. His 2:20.94 in the 200 is also better than the B cut of 2:22.13. The A cut in this event is 2:15.36. According to the rules a country can enter one swimmer in any event with a B cut. Two swimmers can only be entered if both made the tougher A qualifying standard. Since Dominick, who is of Hungarian heritage, has a full second faster time in the 200 breaststroke than 1996 Olimpic Champion Norbert Rozsa's qualifying time at the Hungarian trials, Dominick could have represented Hungary in Sydney if he had dual citizenship for at least the last two years.

North Penn girls in California
Seven of the NP girls water polo team traveled to a camp in Long Beach, CA, and trained at the Olympic Training Center in Lompoc. They had a great time playing with and watching the teams from different countries practicing & scrimmaging for the upcoming water polo trials. The NP girls were the only team from the east coast and taught those girls from australia not to take them for granted. Katie Plewinski, Lyndsy Wittmer, Brittany Jernigan, Jen Morelli, Colleen Good, Gina Peterman, and Jackie Dischell represented the North Penn program.

Two lifetime best performances at the Olymic Trials brought world rankings for Dominick Szabo
Speedo, adidas, and other swim suit manufacturers planted hundreds of sharks in the IUPUI pool, home of the 2000 Olympic Swimming Trials in Indianapolis, Indiana. These partial and full-body suits, many of them mimicking shark skin with their V-shaped ridges on their surface, represent the new trend, without which it would be a vast disadvantage for any serious swimmers to compete. At least that's what manufacturers and coaches along with some top contenders say. No one can tell for sure how much these suits really help, but either their specially prepared surface, or the gentle compression that keeps the muscles from wasteful vibration, or perhaps the psychological advantage that the swimmers may gain from it, seem to bring results that otherwise would be hard explain. Recent North Penn graduate Dominick Szabo had his own experience when he put on his suit which he received the day before of his 100 meter race at the trials. He was seeded 59th out of 88 swimmers in the event and finished 21st with a lifetime best of 1:04.14. His previous best time was 1:05.80 which he swam at the 1999 Spring Nationals.

Szabo says that the partial body suit he prefers over the full length gave him both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. "It felt like I was going faster than my arms could pull. I was thrown off. My hands were trying to catch up with the speed of my body and I was struggling to control my stroke." He added that "The suit didn't let my skin feel the water and so it was impossible for me to gauge my speed. I was a very weird experience." As to how he felt otherwise about his performance this is what Szabo had to say: "It hurts to see how close I was to making the semi-finals, but both my coach and myself feel that I did better than what the intense, but relatively short, summer preparation would have suggested." Szabo started doubling his practices only from the end of June, and a month later he was already tapering.

He did also very well in the 200 meter breaststroke event finishing 23rd overall with a time of 2:20.94. He was seeded in the same heat with ex-Wilson High arch rival Chris Maurer who finished with a 2:25.99. "My good hundred swim gave me confidence before the 200. " said Szabo after the race. "I was hoping to go under 2:20.00, but I can't complain about the 2:20.94. During my summer swims in Washington, D.C. and Santa Clara, I was doing 2:30s and 2:34s, so tapering 10 seconds was really satisfying. I rarely swim the 200 and I don't have a good sense of evenly spacing out my energy yet. I held back a little too much on the third leg and when I finished sprinting the last 50 I felt that I wasn't totally spent. Another second could have placed me in the semi-finals. But all-in-all, it was an extremely valuable experience that will be wonderful to draw on in my future races."

Dominick Szabo's 100 meter time now ranks 111th in the world, his 200 meter performance is 145th. (Photo: Denes Bardos)

Steve Fleming misses the Olympic Trial cut by .12 and finishes 2nd at the NE Junior Nationals
He had only a handful of practices since the PIAA State Championship in March, and now, in an amazing accomplishment and to the great surprise of many, Steve Fleming twice barely missed the Olympic Trial qualifying time in the 100 meter backstroke in Ohio at the 2000 NE Junior Nationals. Steve swam a lifetime best of 58.76 in the prelims which he further reduced to 58.61 in the finals. The qualifying time was 58.49. Chris Craig finished 35th in the 400 meter freestyle. His time was 4:19.76. The NPAC 400 free relay of Jeremy Bergman, Steve Fleming, Pat Thompson, and Chris Craig clocked 3:38.25 for a 9th place finish.

Ephrata's Casey Coble, a bronze medallist in the 200 IM at the 2000 PIAA State Championships, qualified for the Olympic Trials swimming 4:32.59 in the 400 meter IM, just .1 second under the mark.

Steve Fleming 6th at the NE Junior Nationals
Both Steve Fleming and Jeremy Bergman improved on their times in the evening finals. Fleming came in 6th in the 100 meter backstroke clocking 1:08.71, while Bergman's 54.20 earned him 19th place in the 100 meter freestyle. His time of 1:59.61 in the preliminaries of the 200 meter freestyle placed him 31st. Chris Craig swam 2:01.23 in the same event and finished 36th.

First results in from Juniors
1999 graduate Jeremy Bergman, who attends James Madison Unicersity, will swim in the bonus consols after finishing 20th in the prelims of the 100 freestyle. His time of 54.47 reflects an excellent effort. Although he didn't practice much in the summer, Princeton bound Stephen Fleming managed to make it to the finals in the 100 meter backstroke with a time of 1:09.74. His arch rival, 2000 state champion Josh Cierski of Emmaus will swim in the bonus consols (1:13.35).

Have you heard about the Mark Müller Award? Here is your chance to pay tribute to the ex-North Penn swimmer it was named after
His brother, Paul Müller sent us the following message:
Mark (Müller) has surpassed the anticipated life expectancy. He is in great shape. As one of the people that affected the Lansdale community, Mark's upcoming birthday is truly a time of celebration. Swimming has always been a close family. I don't know how to get a hold of various people. Can you help? Please forward this or share with anyone affiliated with NPHS Swimming.

Mark currently is still a quadriplegic. A little note: He was traveling in the early morning with two other swimmers on their way to practice when the unfortunate car slid off the road (back in the 70s). But he is doing great. Florida has helped him stay away from the bitter cold winter. His big interests are sports and politics. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

Please everyone pick up the phone or write a few words to Mark at one of the addresses provided. Especially those who had been honored with his award (Most Promising Freshman). Click
here to read the specifics of the invitation and to find phone numbers and the e-mail addresses to write to.

Maureen Schriver makes Junior National cut
The Maiden's Maureen Schriver made her first Junior National cut this past weekend at the MIDs meet in the 1500m freestyle. She won the event with a 17:39.65, which was seven seconds under the qualifying time of 17:46.69. She barely missed the cut in the 400 IM (5:09.65) with a swim of 5:10.89.

Szabo ranks first in the U.S. in two events
The latest USS update shows that in the 1999-2000 season, among 17 year-olds, Dominick Szabo is ranked number one in both the 100 (54.97) and 200 (2:01.27) yard breaststrokes in the United States. He is fourth in the 200 IM (1:50.56). His 1:49.86 state record time as well as Steve Fleming's 100 back performance of 51.17 could not be considered because they were swum under high school rules. Szabo has not swum the 200 IM and 200 breast at all on long course meters in the past season while his only 100 meter swim (1:08.24, in Santa Clara, CA, this past June) places him 28th on the national ranking in the 17 and under category.

17&U 100 YARD BREAST 17&U 200 YARD BREAST 17&U 200 YARD IM
1. 54.97 - Dominick Szabo
2. 55.10 - Mark Gangloff
3. 55.75 - Wilson Brandt
4. 55.99 - Rassan Grant
5. 56.59 - George Bruce
6. 56.77 - Cheyne Bloch
1. 2:01.27 - Dominick Szabo
2. 2:02.62 - Kurt Cady
3. 2:02.65 - J. Muantongchin
4. 2:02.68 - David Szabo
5. 2:02.93 - Rassan Grant
6. 2:02.95 - Aaron McCracken
1. 1:49.45 - Dan Trupin
2. 1:50.17 - John Dorr
3. 1:50.45 - Eric Dijulio
1:50.56 - D. Szabo
5. 1:50.81 - Paul Fahey
6. 1:50.81 - E. Shanteau

Broken down, in the middle of hard practice season, and in his first meet as an 18 year old, Szabo participated this past weekend (July 13-16) at the Potomac Valley Senior Championship Long Course Meet at George Mason University. Swimming with an ear infection and with seven Motrins in his system, his breaststroke times (1:09.18 in the 100, and 2:30.92 in the 200) were well off of his expectations, but the last day he twice broke his lifetime best long course 200 IM times. In the finals, Tom Dolan won with a world class time of 2:03.30. Dominick finished 3rd out of the about 60 swimmers posting 2:11.93.

The North Penn Boys Swim Team is
No. 1. in the Nation

The 1999-2000 NISCA National Dual Meet Team Rankings came out and put a huge smile on the faces of the NP boys and their coaches, Bill Bartle and Brian Faikish. The first time since national rankings have been tabulated (based on a power point system applied to dual meet performances), the North Penn boys are ranked number one among public high schools in the United States. They placed ahead of traditionally strong teams such as Michigan's Pioneer, Texas' Woodlands and Cypress Creek, and Indiana's Carmel. In a combined ranking that includes both public and independent schools, the NP boys rank 5th in the country ahead of The Kiski School, Albuquerque Academy, and local power house Germantown Academy.

Here are the top 16 teams in each category.

01. 5560 - North Penn, PA
5460 - Poineer, MI
5402 - James E. Taylor, TX
5392 - Carmel, IN
5373 - Clovis West, CA
5323 - The Woodlands, TX
5263 - New Trier, IL
5150 - St. Charles, IL
5121 - Parkview, GA
5107 - Rockford, MI
5075 - Dr. Phillips, FL
5040 - Cherry Creek, CO
5019 - Cypress Creek, TX
4957 - North Allegheny, PA
4893 - W.G. Enloe, NC
4839 - Emmaus, PA
01. 6047 - The Bolles School, FL
5910 - St. Xavier, OH
5857 - Regis Jesuit, CO
5675 - St. Xavier, KY
5560 - North Penn, PA
5543 - Bellarmine Col. Prep, CA
5508 - Brophy College Prep, AZ
5479 - The Kiski School, PA
5460 - Pioneer, MI
5402 - James E. Taylor, TX
5392 - Carmel, IN
5373 - Clovis West, CA
5356 - Akron Firestone, OH
5323 - The Woodlands, TX
5263 - New Trier, IL
5240 - Phillips Exeter Acad., NH

Ten NP All-Americans
Fleming and Szabo each received four honors

The National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association released the 2000 All-American high school rankings, in which, not surprisingly, quite a few North Penn boys were included again. In water polo, NP standouts Derek Meyerson (pictured here) made the third, while Ashley Jernigan the fifth team. In swimming, all three relays, along with Steve Fleming and Dominick Szabo, received All-American honors.

The 200 medley relay of Steve Fleming, Dominick Szabo, Pat Thompson, and Rick Schillow finished second behind Akron Firestone's team of Ohio. Pennsylvania dominated the 100 breaststroke in which Brendan Hansen was first and Dominick Szabo second, while Moon Area's Nathan Ilnicki finished 9th. Hansen and Szabo also lead the combined independent and public school national rankings.

Two North Penn swimmers placed in the 200 IM. Szabo's state record time of 1:49.86 was good for third, while Fleming received Honorable Mention for his 42nd place.

The 400 free relay of Fleming, Nicholas Fanslau, Justin Fanslau, and Szabo, had the 6th fastest time among American public high schools. 1999 State Champion and 2000 runner-up Steve Fleming is ranked 15th in the 100 back, while the 200 free relay of Brett Kratz, Jon Faikish, Nicholas Fanslau, and Schillow, placed 32nd.

The North Penn boys state championship team.from left to right: Justin Fanslau, Nicholas Fanslau, Rick Schillow, Jon Faikish, Steve Fleming, Dominick Szabo, Matt Gibson, Ryan Hollanbach, and Brett Kratz.

Dominick Szabo is preparing for the Olympic Trials in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and California
On June 13, North Penn's recent graduate, Dominick Szabo, moved to the Nation's capital to prepare with his new team for the Olympic Trials set for August 9-16 in Indianapolis. He is now with Curl-Burke, one of the largest and most successful swim clubs in the United States. He will be under the watchful eyes of Head Coach Rick Curl, whose program produced a number of national champions, world record holders, and Olympians, including Michael Barrowman, Tom Dolan, Ed Moses, Rock Santos, Sergio Lopez, and many others. With his new club, Dominick participated in his only two long course meter competitions within the past year (June 2-4 in Rockville, Maryland and 23-25 in Santa Clara, California) to get some experience before the trials. He is in the middle of hard practice. Starting June 27, he will be practicing even more, about seven hours a day.

Tory Young and Brian Faikish named new head coaches at North Penn
To ensure the continuation of the strong North Penn tradition, assistant coaches Tory Young and Brian Faikish were named to head the girls and boys swim teams for the upcoming seasons. Both are North Penn graduates, were part of the North Penn swim team, and have extensive coaching experiences. Before coming to North Penn, Tory Young was head coach of the Nor-Gwyn summer swim team. She was named Aquatic Director at North Penn after the retirement of Rick Carroll. Brian Faikish was assistant to Bill Bartle during the most successful five years in the team's history with a second place finish and four state championship performances in a row.

Bill Bartle and the boys honored
The North Penn School Board honored outgoing Head Coach Bill Bartle for his
extraordinary career at the school. Donna Mengel said that Bill Bartle was the "youngest legend" that she has ever come across. The audience showed its respect by standing up when the modest and beloved coach left the room. Those boys who represented the team at the state championships were also honored. They are Jon Faikish, Steve Fleming, Justin Fanslau, Nicholas Fanslau, Matt Gibson, Ryan Hollenbach, Brett Kratz, Rick Schillow, Dominick Szabo, and Pat Thompson.

Jonathan Faikish
will attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He will swim for the university with his brother Jeff. Steve Fleming, who received Academic All-American status, is heading to Princeton where he will be part of the swim team. Matt Gibson goes to Grove City. He will swim and play water polo with North Penn legend Steve Johnston. Ryan Hollenbach decided by Penn State. He will study architecture and will be on the diving team in State College. Derek Meyerson will attend Slippery Rock. He plans to major in Physical Education and will play water polo. Ricky Schillow will go to the University of Tennessee. He will swim for the club and will attempt to make the univerity's formidable team next year. Dominick Szabo received a full scholarship from The American University (Washington, D.C.), where he is going to study computer science. Besides swimming for the university, he will also be part of the Curl-Burke swim team.

On the girls' side Rebecca Grant is going to swim and study at the University of Delaware. Becky Naudasher and Ashley Jernigan are heading to West Chester University. Becky will swim, Ashley will do both swimming and playing water polo. Julie Good will study biology at Gettysburg College, and Kara Ketterer will attend Boston University. She will major in Physical Education, but will not be swimming

Denise Butterweck
& Bill Bartle resign

The girls and boys lose their head coaches
It came as a total surprise that left swimmers, rivals, colleagues, and the community stunned. First, the girls' head coach Denise Butterweck decided to pursue a masters degree and handed in her resignation in April. Then on May 1st, Bill Bartle made the decision that he no longer has what it takes to continue to lead the extraordinarily successful North Penn boys program.

Denise Butterweck, an accomplished swimmer who won Pennsylvania's Division II. Conference Championship in the 400 IM, lead the Maidens for five years. Her team won league championships, had an outstanding dual meet record, and developed into a strong district contender. She was also a coach of the girls state champion water polo team.

As a North Penn High School swimmer, Bill Bartle won five state championships in the 70s. His last six years with the Knights, this time as a coach, brought even more success to his alma mater. Bartle's ability to bring the best out of his swimmers brought about an 81-0 dual meet record, six league, six district, and four state titles. He developed 18 All-Americans. His swimmers (along with diver Steve Bohner) currently hold nine pool, seven team, twenty-five class, ten meet, six league championship, ten league dual meet, two district, and two state records. He developed a number of swimmers beyond the high school program, leading them to Junior Nationals, Nationals, and even to the Olympic Trials. Among his countless shining accomplishments is winning both the boys and girls Pennsylvania Water Polo State Championships. It is not a surprise that he is regarded one of if not the most successful high school swimming coach in the history of Pennsylvania. Outside of his duties, he will stay on until August to help assistant coaches Brian Faikish and Tory Young keep their swimmers in shape for the next season.

North Penn's web master has made considerable progress in his effort putting together a national high school rankings for boys. So far he has researched and checked private and public high school state championship results in 43 states. A girls list, compiled by Bob Klapthor, is currently on the web and accessible via the Michigan High School Athletic Association's web site.

Dominick Szabo wins two championships
at the NE Junior Nationals in Buffalo, New York, and qualifies for the Olympic Trials in the 200 breaststroke
North Penn's one-man team of Dominick Szabo collected 40 points at the North East Junior National Championships in Buffalo, NY, finishing 26th out of 74 participating teams and ahead of such powerhouses as Atlantis Aquatic Club, Gloucester County Swim Team, Jersey Wahoos, Akron Firestone, Team Delaware, Parkland, and Bethel Park. Dominick, who had already qualified for the Olympic trials in the 100 breaststroke, won the 200 breaststroke (2:01.27) and the 200 IM (1:50.56), and made two national and an Olympic trial cut. He missed the 200 IM Olympic trial cut by .07 second. Dominick, who won his events in Buffalo with an impressive margine, finished second in a combined (Northeast, Southeast, and West) national ranking in both the 200 breast and 200 IM. He also swam a time trial in the 50 yard freestyle. He finished first, and his time of 21.35, a Junior National cut, would have placed him in the Northeast final of that event.

Dominick Szabo was selected as the swimmer of the year by the Philadelphia Inquirer, The (Lansdale) Reporter , and the online magazine

Steve Fleming makes Junior Nationals
This past weekend Steve Fleming swam a time trial at the Mid-Atlantic Championships in the 200 yard backstroke clocking 1:52.06, well under the Junior National cut.

Team Awards
Becky Naudasher, Steve Fleming,
and Dominick Szabo received the Most Outstanding Swimmer Award at the season-ending banquet. There were eight more awards given out to the boys and girls. In the end, Steve Fleming spoke emotionally about what his coaches and teammates meant to him and everybody else. He said that the past four years brought so much joy, success, learning and growing experience, and deep-rooted friendships that will be hard to duplicate if at all possible. Indeed, he spoke for all.

Golden Boys!
North Penn captures their 4th straight PIAA title and Dominick Szabo breaks a state record
On the girls' side, Becky Naudasher shines
It was two days of picture perfect performance. That and a little luck helped the dream become a reality. Winning this year's championship seemed to all but easy. A formidable Bethel Park and North Penn appeared to be dead even before the championship began. Based on the seedings, both teams were supposed to collect 132 points. It started out with a little luck. Besides Ryan Hollenbach's super performance and 6th place finish in the diving, because of the unfortunate injury of Chuck Venuto, first alternate Greg Detwiler was also given a chance to compete. And he took full advantage of the opportunity contributing 3 unexpected points to the team with his surprise 10th place finish. Then the NP swimmers' amazing, and by now legendary, heart outperformed all competition.

The 200 medley relay of Steve Fleming, Dominick Szabo, Pat Thompson, and Rick Schillow broke the team record clocking 1:34.42 and won the gold. In the breaststroke leg of the race Szabo set a new relay split standard swimming 24.88. Justin Fanslau finished 13th in the 200 free with a personal best (1:45.88). Then came the much anticipated race between archrivals Brendan Hansen and Dominick Szabo in the 200 IM. The two have been competing in the IM and the breaststroke throughout their high school career and the races gradually became closer and more interesting. Based on their district and state prelim times, it was easily predictable that winning the event would take a new state record. And so it happened. In an exciting, extremely tight race from the first stroke to the last, Szabo touched out Hansen with the first sub 1:50 PIAA performance. His time of 1:49.86, was a team, class, pool, and state record. Steve Fleming, who in the morning swam an outstanding personal best, finished sixth.

The 50 free brought one of the nicest surprises when freshman Brett Kratz came in 8th contributing another gift of five points. His morning time of 21.74 is a new class record. The 200 free relay of Brett Kratz, Nick Fanslau, Jon Faikish, and Rick Schillow finished 6th. With their added 18 solid points, and Bethel Park's slightly less than expected performance, the North Penn boys ended the first day with a 23 point lead.

On the girls' side, the 200 free relay of Ashley McNeill, Brittany Jernigan, Kim Kline, and Becky Naudasher finished 8th. Naudasher's personal best of 24.88 in the 50 free was good for 9th place. Ashley McNeill came in 18th in the same event with a 25.12. The medley relay of Brittany Jernigan, Ashley Jernigan, Maureen Schriver, and Becky Naudasher placed 25th.

On the second day, Pat Thompson almost broke the sophomore 500 free class record and finished 11th in the event. Chris Houchins was first alternate (13th). Steve Fleming swam like a champion in the 100 backstroke, but was outtouched by Emmaus' Josh Cierski. Still, he broke a class and team record the second time in one day (first 51.21 , then 51.17). Rick Schillow came in 14th with a personal best of 53.84.

Second in the breaststroke, Dominick Szabo, also broke the class and team records. His time in the final, a National and Olympic qualifying time as well, was 54.97. Brendan Hansen broke the state, but missed the national record (53.66) in the same event only by one hundredth of a second. During the preliminaries Nicholas Fanslau broke Dominick Szabo's freshman class record with an outstandiong time of 1:00.93. With that, after Dominick Szabo, John Reaburn, Andy Dabrowski, and Sylvo Szabo, he became the 5th fastest breaststroker in North Penn's history.

Before the last event, the 400 free relay, the NP team was ahead of Bethel Park by 31.5 points. Not enough to risk a false start since the winner gets 32 points. North Penn (Fleming, J. Fanslau, N. Fanslau, and Szabo) and Parkland went head to head all the way to the end. Dominick Szabo and 100 free PIAA State Champion Chris Johnson had an incredible race in the last 100. Johnson touched first for Parkland (3:07.01) just sixteen hundredth ahead of Szabo, who actually beat Johnson by one one-hundredth of a second. Johnson's time was 45.05, Szabo's 45.04. Bethel Park finished a distant third (3:09.40).

In girl's action, Maureen Schriver's 5:13.50 in the 500 free was good for a second alternate finish (14th place). Ashley Jernigan came in 26th in the 100 breaststroke (1:09.71), and the 400 free relay of Brittany Jernigan, Maureen Schriver, Kim Kline, and Becky Naudasher placed 17th. Their time was 3:42.36.

Top 12 BOYS results
Top 12
GIRLS results

Top North Penn performance ratings according to the FINA Points Short Course Tables for the 1999-2000 season
The North Penn performance ratings are based on the best times of this season up to the top three swimmers in each event. FINA or FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE NATATION AMATEUR, is the official world-wide swimming sports organization. Click here to see how NP swimmers do on this international rating system.

Power Points (needs to be updated)
The 1999-2000 top 12 NP performances were recently rated based on the power points table as established by the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association of America. Click here to see the results or to view the entire table.



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Top 16

USA Swimming released the national top 16 lists for the 1999-2000 season. Among the 17-18 year-old swimmers Dominick Szabo is ranked 1st in the 100 breast, 3rd in the 200 breast, and 6th in the 200 IM. (See how he is doing in college in the alumni news section). The other Pennsylvania swimmer making that list was Fran Crippen of GA, who is ranked 1st in the 500 and 1000 yard freestyle.

Where Did Pennsylvania Swimmers Go?

Dominick Szabo, N. Wales

Kara Ketterer, Hatfield

Rebecca Grant, Lansdale

Dan Daly, Wyomissing

Brent McAuliffe, Claysville
Andrew Mahaney
Kyle Salyards, Lancester

Julie Good, Lansdale

Matt Gibson, Towamencin

Jon Faikish, Lansdale

Shawna Sechrust, Saltsburg

Christine Bare, Camp HIll
Jonathan Rhoades, Coatsville

Carol Crouthamel, Southampton


Casey Coble, Akron
Justin Donato, Coatesville
Jess Perruquet, Danville

Marie Labosky, Churchville

Jon Muscatello, Butler

Corrie Clark, Malvern
Krystle Eberwine, U. Dublin
Ryan Hollenbach, Lansdale
Kristen Woodring, Lansester

William Bower, Saltsburg
Barry Chan, Mt. Joy
Travis Douglas, York
Derek Minner, Allison Park

Eric Drummond, Bethel Park
Ryan Redman, Pittsburgh
Jamie Van Kooten, Sewickley
Emily Kaszycki, Grrensburg
Adam Webber, Lebanon

Steve Fleming, Lansdale
Chris Johnston, Parkland

Eric Cohen, Philadelphia
Erin Haman, Philadelphia
Megan Huhn, Langhorne
Dave Hoover, Lebanon
Melissa Morrissy, Horsham

Mike Dasciano, Landenberg
Nate Illnicki, Pittsburgh

Jamie Regan, Mechanicsburg

Ricky Schillow, Lansdale

Brendan Hansen, Havertown

Becky Naudasher, Lansdale
Ashley Jernigan, Chalfont


ravis Watson, Pittsburgh



Here is a quiz for you from Tom Bohner:
What does Rick Carroll,
Ben Franklin, and Tarzan (Johnny Weismuller)
have in common?

The Answer is:
They are all in the Pennsylvania Swimmers Hall of Fame (Check it out at Penn State during the PIAA State Championship)

Top 10 Pennsylvania
high school times
We created a boys and girls PA AAA rankings in cooperation with the Pennsylvania High School Swim Coaches' Association. It will be continuously updated as new information becomes available. Boys/Girls

Best high school times from Ohio
Traditionally, Ohio swimming is one of the best in the country. The following is a list of the top public and private high school performances (some times may be tapered) swum in Ohio as of December 23.

200 Med. Relay
Firestone 1:35.93
Shaker Heights 1:39.13
200 Freestyle
Ketchum, Sycamore 1:40.42
Mimmier, St. Ign. 1:42.71
200 IM
Bartel, Avon Lake 1:52.96
Ketchum, Sucamore 1:56.28
Gangloff, Firestone 1:56.45
50 Freestyle
Singleton, Shawnee, 21.51
Jones, Berea, 285.45
Klinert, St. Ign. 238.21
100 Butterfly
Gangloff, Firestone, 51.35
Bartel, Avon Lake, 51.47
100 Freestyle
Mimmier, St. Ign. 46.45
Gangloff, Firestone, 47.16
500 Freestyle
Torpey, Hawken, 4:36.52
Kirk, Hawken, 4:36.82
200 Free Relay
St. Ignatius, 1:30.38
100 Backstroke
Jones, Firestone, 52.31
Gangloff, Firestone, 52.97
100 Breaststroke
Zucca, Hudson, 59.27
Jimmison, Shaker H. 1:00.29
400 Free Relay
St. Ignatius 3:15.75

College decisions
Justin Kratz's cousin, Carol Crouthamel is a senior at Archbishop Wood. She is coached by Charlie Stillwell who was a team mate of NP coach Bill Bartle in college. Carol recently signed to attend the Univ. of Minnesota. - PIAA 200 and 500 free State Champion and national qualifier Lori Eberwine signed with the University of Michigan. Her sister, Krystal Eberwine, who finished second in both events behind Lori, decided to go to Penn State. - Brendan Hansen, the nation's top breaststroker recruit and (senior) national champion in the 200 breaststroke signed with the University of Texas.

On the move
John Pontz, the long time coach of 200 IM PIAA State Champion Kyle Salyards, is now in a new place again. Earlier this year he accepted a club coaching position in Florida, but recently he moved on to Arizona. Salyards, who postponed his studies at the University of Georgia in order to prepare for the 2000 Olympic Trials, followed him to both places.

Top 12 seeds and final results at the 1999 PA State Championship