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Updated  May 5 2002

April 8, 2002

Hi everybody, 

Well, it looks like a few North Penn alumni should make it to the University of Maryland for the Zone meet the weekend of April 19-21. Here is what I have so far:

Jason Craig (96?)
Mike Grill (87)
Chris Lewis (85)
Yours Truly (Ray Toy) (85)

In addition, there was some tentative possibility from

Julie Krail (9?)
Gretchen Smith (9?)

If any of you know about anybody else making it down, please let me know.  Also, Mike Grill suggested that perhaps we could get together after Saturday at a local establishment. (I know that I will be hungry) Any takers? 

Inquiring Minds want to Know!

Ray Toy  : Results of the Meet

WOW! This is so impressive! As a coach of 25 years in the Washington state area, I have never seen anything so complete and comprehensive. It is motivating to know that people all over the country are doing such excellent work. Besides setting such a wonderful example, I was hoping you could help us with some advice as we begin to set up a web site of our own. A few questions that come up immediately are:

1. What software is used in creating this magnificent monster?
2. What part does the coach play in authoring/co-authoring this site?
3. Who maintains the site? How often? In season? Out of season?
4. What steps have you taken to identify and train authors/site managers in the future?

As I read any one section and get deeper and deeper into it, I drool with envy and I am excited with the possibilities that this kind of publicity and support can bring to this program.

Also, the insight into coaching and motivating kids that is expressed through the site, makes me proud to be part of the high school swimming family across the nation.

I hope to hear from you,

Rick Wertman, Coach Mount Rainier High School


Hear Ye Hear Ye
in honor of Mark S. Müller's 40th birthday we are having a CELEBRATION by gathering all his family and friends August 19, 2000 all afternoon and evening. Everyone is invited. Festivities will be held at George & Ann's home on South Hutchinson Island in Ft. Pierce, FL. Rooms are available at the Days Inn, located 1 block from the beach and 1 mile from the house. Other hotel information is available on request. If you cannot make it and want to write a note to Mark, we are collecting photos, phrases or prose and creating a collage to share with him. We know this will make him ecstatic. Thank you in advance for making this a very memorable day. - Paul Muller

**** P.S. It's a Surprise ****

Days Inn, Ft. Pierce Beach 561.461.8737
Kathy & Pete 215.361.9867
George & Ann 1101 Granada St. Ft.Pierce, FL 34949 561.466.8477 -
Bill & Melinda 407.359.9431 -
Paul & Leah 432 Live Oak Road Vero Beach,FL 32963 561.234.5626
Matt & Kate 704.543.1149 -

Your web site is the greatest!!!!! - John

Editor's note: It is unfair to compare public schools with private schools for a simple reason. Public schools have a strict geographic area they are allowed to draw from, while GA and other private schools can get swimmers not only from outside of their immediate district, but from other states and even abroad. In other words, while a public school is stuck with the talent pool of its own district, a private school can draw practically from the entire world. Given that, I must say that NP hasn't performed that bad. In recent years the NP boys team consistently finished ahead of GA in the national rankings.

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am, along with everyone associated with our program, with the efforts you are putting in on behalf of swimming in the state of Pennsylvania. Hats off to you for a job well done! I know having a reference for the rest of the state certainly motivates our guys and I am sure it does for the rest of PA. I hope this translates into some really fast swimming in the next two months. - Jamie Morton, Coach of Moon Area HS in Pittsburgh

I just read about the top state times, and I noticed that the top three 100 breastroke times came from Haverford, North Penn, and Moon Area. It's just a coincidence, but my roomates are also from Haverford and Moon Area, and I am from North Penn. I just think that's pretty wierd. - Kevin Rader
Excellent high school site. A lot of time and effort goes into the North Penn site. Watch for your site the first week of March. Regards, - Phil Stommen, Nucleus Communications, Swimmersworld
My brother Bill Kuttruff, also a North Penn Swim Team Alumni from 1979-1982, stumbled across the website just surfing around and passed the address on to me. Its great to be able to see that the traditions and legacy of the team are going strong into the 21st century. I have to admit it was probably the best time of my life. See you at NP - Steve Kuttruff
After a tough PLEBE SUMMER, devin and i are plowing through the academic year. water polo season was a great experience. i played with past Wilson players such as Andy Spillane and Drew Corey. now that we are into our winter and fall seasons, i am getting off the bench much more often. i enjoyed playing grove city, pretty much cause all our freshmen played the entire game. (ha ha, even steve johnston couldn't handle we freshmen). we placed 5th at easterns, but beat the eastern champions the weekend after at senior nationals here. they must have been drunk. at the eastern championship we lost our first game to Queens in 4 sudden death overtimes. now for the naval aspect of my updates. right now we are going through army week. instead of doing our various "plebe duties" we are now anwering all upperclass questions with BEAT ARMY SIR!! i know dave mckelvy would know exactly what im talking about. i was up last night tying up an upperclass at 3 this morning with duct tape and i put a sock in his mouth to keep him quiet. last night we played combat ball where we just ended up brawling with the upperclass. we win about half the time. we broke a junior's nose twice already. okay, back to the festivities, thanks for your interest -- Steve Phillabaum
Just like the times everyone today is swimming, you're much farther ahead (times and education) than my age group ever was! By the way, I was the first Co-Captain at North Penn in 1972 along with John Geddes (who is still in the Lansdale area). After much moving around professionally I am back in the area (West Chester, Pa) with my family. After seeing what a great job everyone there is doing, I am sure to keep up-to-date with the achievements of the team. Pass along my best to Bill Bartle and all the miscellaneous Bartles. -- Chuck Breuer
You are lucky that you don't have to swim Wilson in a dual meet. It would be a shame to go so long without losing a dual meet and then lose one this year. Watch out at states, though. -- Anonymous
Great job on the North Penn site, it's the best HS site I've seen (from a major swim power, I haven't looked at all the minor swim schools)....this is potentially North Penn's best (swim) team ever-- Bob Klapthor

(Mr. Klapthor ran both the NISCA Power Ranking Program and their Top National Times program - webmaster)

This site is a great site for anyone to model their own site after. The information is very interesting and the pics are good. This was the first site I linked to my homepage when I made it the other day. It kicks butt just like NP is going to defeat Emmaus again. Whereever NP swims and whatever the result, the alumni can now follow it just as if we were there. Great site!!!!!!!! -- Doug Phillabaum
Hi! I stumbled over this web page, and I can't believe how fast everybody is swimming. Congratulations and best of luck. Even though I was a captain of the 84-85 team, I must admit that I am not sure that I would even make the team with the times that I swam...and my 50 free time is still in the top 30! Of course, I suspect that by the end of the season, that will probably be long gone. I am currently living in Catonsville, MD. Great job with the web page, and keep up the good work! --Ray Toy, NPHS Class of 1985

To read more about Ray's background visit this link.
So far all of my times are unrested. We shaved for the Nike Cup but we didn't rest for it. My coach has a theory this year: only rest for the conference meet. I think it will work only because I have never rested for a mid-season meet. We have our pool set up for meters. So we're getting ten percent more yards in per practice. our average meters per practice is 8300. We lift every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After we lift we have a 30 minute controlled run. Sometimes running stadiums in the famous Gampel Pavilion. Right now the major focus is keeping up the yardage and strength training during finals! I should be home the 21st hopefully making it home for the Upper Dublin meet. I'll be home for 9 days then I take off for Honolulu Hawaii! We will, of course, get our brains beat in. Thank you for keeping me informed. -- Jeffrey Faikish

Ps: So far Mr. perfectionist Szabo you are doing a wonderful job. All of my friends cannot believe we have such an intense website. My college's website for the swimming team is not as up-dated as you keep North Penn's. I wanted to say Congrats on such a wonderful program.

Here is my page as of today (Dec. 13), one day after its inauspicious inception. Visit once, visit twice, visit daily and watch the Hit Count rise. Click here to check it out. Thank you to all of you who have already sent POSITIVE comments. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line. - Doug Phillabaum
Thanks for putting up the results so quickly. You are doing a great job. I can't wait until Dominick breaks the 100 BR pool record. Hopefully he will do it over X-mas break so I can see it. 59.99 already. Wow. And Craig and Fleming too. Those were some AMAZING times. Well gotta go. Thanks. I'm doing great up here at syracuse. I am attaching some swim rankings I found on the Internet, I thought you might like to see them. Dominick's in there. (Click here to see these international rankings.) By the way I love the website. -- Lee Rappaport
The page looks great. It has been awhile since I had last seen it. I just wanted to drop you a few updates if you wanted to add them in. Joel Gilbert graduated from Leghigh and is working in New York, Andy Serang is Living in Winston NC, and finishing up his degree to become a teacher, Dave McKelvey graduated from The Naval Ac. and is now living in Pensicola Florida enrolled in flight school at the base. Myself, I have had a hectic first marking period, but all is well, I am teaching special education at Plymouth- Whitemarsh High School and I am the head Boys Swim Coach for the high school team. Jerry Gilbert is now teaching in San Diego, not Hawaii anymore...... Hope everything is going well ......thanks for this great page, it is nice to see how some old friends are doing... -- Don Walsh
I just got back from a college visit up at Miami of Ohio and at Ohio State. Miami is nice but . . . it is to secluded for me. It operates within its own little bubble, sort of like the town I live in today. On the other hand, Ohio State is looking like it may be the one. I walked on campus and it just felt right. I can't quite explain it. I talked to the coach, Bill Wadley, and he seemed exited that I could be on his team next year. He doesn't make cuts; the kids cut themselves. We discussed the workout load and it doesn't seem more than what I am used to now. The Distance guys, or "D-men" as he called them, do about 65,000 a week with minimal weights. Everyone is videoed and the team is closely knit. The pool is nice, it was built back in the 1930's and was the first deep water pool in, i think, the world. It still looks great after almost 70 years of use. There is a rich tradition there. It reminds me alot of NP. All of the olympians and the world champions have a rather large "poster" on the wall in the stairwall. The NCAA champions have a small picture hanging in a hallway. There is a hallway that is about 150 yards long and on the side wall are about 3 to 4 rows of all-american certificates. It is an increadible sight. I would be a walk on and he pretty much staited that I needed to have a junior time in the mile to be a success on the team. That goal will be realized before the year is out. I went a 1:48.6 in the 200 when we were building up in yardage, this season. Our team got destroyed at a meet not long ago. No one swam well; we were training to intensely, about 55,000 by that time. I got my best time though in the mile, a 16:54.32. I am pleased with that. Tell everyone I said hi. -- Judsen Schneider






I wanted to let you know that Mike Grill ('87) and I think this site is great. Even after being out of North Penn Swimming for 11 years, we are very interested in how the team is doing. With Mike in Virginia and myself in New Jersey, it is hard to keep up with some of these great times. Thank you for providing this information. - Chris Kroberger ('87)


This is by far the best site on the web. - Doug Phillabaum


Thanks for the web family recently moved down here to columbia south carolina from north wales...i am a nphs grad (62), as are all of my children (83,85,88,95) and we lived next door to the bohners when steven was born, have watched him grow into the fine young man/athlete/dive he is now, and try to follow his progress thru the north penn reporter...that is where i saw about the web page......wish him luck for us if you will.... - george & nancy reese

I see the webpage made it to the Harvard Swimming list. Wow!! - Bill Bergman

I had a chance last night to see the work you did on the "latest news", Stephen was very impressed and proud. Thanks a lot for taking the time to recognize his, and everyone else's, efforts. I don't know if you receive much feedback from the other parents, but your work on the Web page is FIRST CLASS. I hope everyone appreciates the time and effort it requires. - Neil Fleming

After seeing your web page I hate to suggest any other pages for fear you'll be bored. Perhaps you could talk to the PIAA and set up a real swimming page for them. - John Rudolph, Erie McDowell

I think you are doing a terrific job with the site, and if you need some help with the girls team from a historical perspective (at least the four years prior to 97-98) I'll try to help out there also..Thanks for doing great work with this tremendous undertaking... - Dale Hollenbach

Love the sight. - Jason Dodson

I'm waiting for a friend in the computer lab and I decided to pass the time by looking at your website. I like it alot!!! - Katie Fink


Hello! I went today to the page and was impressed! It is very well put together page! I just wanted to keep you updated. Once I get all of the info from Dickinson I will e-mail you. I would enjoy having my name as alumni! Bye. - Katie O'Brien

Just a note to say what a great job! Keep up the good work! - Carol Jernigan

Tell everyone good luck! I'll be watching for those times. LETS GO NORTH PENN!!!!! - Judsen Schneider

You have done a wonderful job on the North Penn Web Site. It is a great site. - Tom Warrick (Webmaster, Upper Main Line YMCA )

Chris finally found the web site address and let me take a look at it. Really looks nice... It is certainly a lot of work. - Bruce McKelvy

I haven't been online in a while so I haven't gotten a chance to check out the new improvements. But I finally got a chance today, and it looks great. I'm sure the other Alumni (well, partial in my case) agree with me that the page is fantastic. Again I thank you for this service that you are providing us with. - Judsen Schneider

mr szabo, i think the new website is great, next year i think adding relay splits to meet results would enchance it more but other than that i found it inclusive and accurate. - Gabe Turzo

I checked out the Website. It sure has come along. I noticed one error which was my name was misspelled in the captains list. My last name was spelled with two d's when it should only have one. That was it though. It looks good. You have added alot in the last few months. - Greg Adams



To be considered as a Top 16 reportable time, a time must be swum in either a USS Sanctioned or Approved meet, or the swim must have been "observed" by USS officials.

In short, as far as USS is concerned, a "sanctioned" meet is one sanctioned by a LSC where all USS rules apply and only USS swimmers participate. An "approved" meet is one given "approval" in advance by a LSC where all USS rules apply, but both USS and Non-USS swimmers participate. I think the Keystone Games might be considered "approved". Pretty much by definition, High School and Y meets can't be sanctioned or approved because they operate by their own stroke rules in many respects (freestyle aside). Individual swims in "championship" level Y and High School meets can be observed, however, and the swims can qualify for Top 16, USS and Middle Atlantic records, etc. The rules for observing swims are the same as the rules for OVC issuance, i.e. two USS officials must be on deck, and must be asked in advance to observe the swim. You then need to have an OVC or similar form signed by one of the observing USS officials. Usually Y and USS officials don't overlap. Many high school officials are also USS officials, however the Pennsylvania high school federation has some sort of feud with USS and often then will not permit USS officials on deck during championship meets.

If one can track down a USS official who attended the meet, was on deck, and is willing to complete and sign an OCV card, he can submit that to me and we can count the times. The problem is, that if a USS official on deck is not contacted in advance of the swim, there is no way to assure that the swim will be observed...

Tom Kopil
Middle Atlantic Top 16 Tabulator

Please send us your e-mail. We don't automatically post messages sent to us, but we do when we feel that a message could be of public interest. If you do not wish your message to be posted here please let us know.